What Do You Really Want? #2 

This Lesson Teaches How To Attain Inner Bliss And Joy No Matter The Situation

I ask people "What do you REALLY want that you do not have right now?" The answers are always the same. More money, better health, better relationships with their family and friends, more romantic love or sex or intimacy, and ultimately everything leads to more happiness. Whatever you "want", ultimately you want it because you think it will make you happier.

What we all really seek is more inner joy, happiness, peace, bliss, connectedness, and feelings of being loved. We all want to feel loved and wanted. We want all these things because we want some "feeling" on the inside that is "missing". 

Whatever you want, you CAN attain, including perpetual inner bliss and joy no matter what the external conditions are in your life. No matter what you have or don't have, you can always feel inner joy and love. You can always feel happiness. Choose to be happy. Happiness is a choice you make every minute of the day. 

Much love,

Your friend,