What Is It Like Working For Us?

Testimonials from people who have worked for GuruKev.

It’s wonderful, and priceless 🙂

I am one of “Kevin’s Helpers”. My personal experience has been that working for him is truly a profound, life-enhancing, self-improving, fun and exciting experience that I am LOVING!  I get so much JOY from helping Kevin, and through this, serving all of Humanity! What a blessing to give and receive. 🙂

And while working for him, all along the way, through the tasks and feedback he gives, his instruction, and his intention, he is indirectly, and even directly assisting me, teaching me, guiding me to become a better, more efficient, more productive version of myself. And this is in ADDITION to the spiritual growth that I am experiencing.  It’s wonderful… and priceless. 🙂


I consider it a blessing…

In  May, 2018, the Science of Personal Mastery newsletter arrived and I read the following message from Kevin.

“Would you like to help me by doing some online research, and other types of “research” such as getting information and mailing it to me? If so email us saying you are willing to volunteer part time to help me. If you are chosen, you will be put on my email list and I will email you directly. As an exchange, I will be able to answer your email questions and we will be in personal email contact!”

I took massive and immediate action and sent an email indicating my interest in doing research for Kevin. He had done so much for me with his training and teachings that it would be an honor to give back to him in some way.

I soon received an email from the BOP, Bureau of Prisons, that Kevin would like to  add me to his contact list for exchanging electronic messages. I was so excited but also a little nervous.

After a couple of friendly emails back and forth, I received my first assignment. The subject line was something like: Blue Vase Mission #1. I had read the Go-Getter book and I understood what that meant. I KNEW I would eventually find the answer for him but it took me several weeks of researching and making phone calls. This mission was interesting and allowed me to develop some skills I didn’t have at the time. Kevin gently taught me his preferences along the way in how to report my findings to him. I was thrilled when I finally got to email him with the answers he was seeking to his questions. I had successfully found my first Blue Vase.

Kevin has always been complimentary with a job well done. He also is very encouraging and guides me when I am struggling or confused.. Kevin has taught us the importance of putting positive recognition in writing. Kevin does that and I have saved and sometimes reread the compliments from Kevin as they are all so full of appreciation, love and powerful energy.

There was another Blue Vase Mission that I wasn’t getting quite right. Kevin reminded me that what I had sent to him was too general and wasn’t the specific information he had asked for. He typed up a step-by-step list of what he would do if someone had given him this assignment. He has been very patient with me.

I continued to develop new skills and confidence in myself. I have experienced the importance of having a plan, being organized, and focusing on one project at a time. I consider these skills to be necessary when working with Kevin and getting the job done well.

I keep a running To-Do list and try to keep it prioritized. Some requests were simple like finding a pizza crust recipe that didn’t use yeast or a cheese cake recipe that could be made in a microwave. It was fun for me to visualize Kevin cooking for fellow inmates and the fun they were having enjoying these foods that I had helped in a small way by providing a recipe. Some of the other assignments took MANY hours of work and were challenging but there was a joy involved in the process. Kevin would regularly ask me if I was having fun. I really love working with him and being a part of his prison experience along with his vision for all of us in his mission after he is released. I AM having fun and feel a strong sense of purpose and joy as I assist him.

Sometimes when I would mention that I was going on vacation and would have limited time and Internet access, Kevin would just encourage me to “unplug” and enjoy my time with my family. On one trip, I had left my phone on but promised myself that I would “unplug” from any Internet access and not do any work until I got back home. During that time, Kevin did send an assignment. I heard the notification from the Prison’s Corrlinks app that I had received a message from Kevin. I knew I was not going to break my promise to myself but I choose to read his message and see what it said.  Included in the assignment was a sentence from Kevin that said, “I know you are on vacation and you better not reply to this message until you get home.” He made me laugh and I turned my phone off.

It has been such an honor to work with Kevin for over a year. We have email contact nearly every day. I often think how amazing it is that every day I am receiving positive energy from Kevin as he thinks about me as we are emailing back and forth about different assignments & questions.

I consider it a blessing to be one of his volunteer assistants and work directly with Kevin in his “Vision and Dream”. He is working on something HUGE and I am so thankful for my part and the ability to be of service to him. I am retired from my public school teaching career but I do not think that my supporting and working with Kevin in some way will ever end.

~ Tonya Canada

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  1. Love you guys! I can see and feel all your love shining through and I’m very grateful for you. Rahelios, Tonya and Kevin, thank you for everything you do!

  2. Wow beautiful Tonya, thank you for sharing, I read and felt every word. Such an amazing insightful experience to share of how it is like to work with and be in daily contact with the enlightened legendary Angel lightworker, Kevin Trudeau! You are doing an amazing job and a service to humanity!

  3. Amazing experience ! Great job to you ! I can feel your bliss ! Keep growing and enjoying…

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