What is the cost to buy a Full Residence?

At this time, there are only estimates. Here is what is currently under consideration and review (all subject to change):


Custom built at $6000 per square foot. The ultimate in opulence and luxury. More than First Class. Better that World Class. These Residences will be include “The KT Factor”, which means they will be even grandeur than ROYAL CLASS.

Example: A 250 square foot Residence would cost $1.5 million USD. A 125 square foot Residence would cost $750,000 USD.

There are 3 BONUSES you get when you buy a Residence on FREEDOM. 

1.) If you are a current CLUB member, all monies paid to the CLUB by you and your spouse including initiation fees, monthly dues, upgrade fees, and most other monies paid (exact fee amounts to be determined), will come off the price of the Residence.

This is a reward to CLUB members for their loyalty and service to the CLUB.

2.) As a huge BONUS and GIFT to new Residents, when you purchase a Residence on FREEDOM, you will also receive in matching “CLUB Credits”, the amount you pay for the Residence. 

For example: If you paid into the CLUB $50,000 so far in dues and upgrades, that will come off the price of your Residence. If you are buying a $1.5 Million Residence, you pay only 1.45 Million. 

And as a BONUS and GIFT you get $1.45 Million in “Club Credits”. These credits can be used by you or whoever you assign them to, for initiation fees, upgrades, various SHIP ONLY training, CLUB event tickets (not including meals and hotel) and more.

3.) You will also receive free of charge, 4 tickets to each of these 3 separate Kevin Trudeau 1 week (7 day) seminars:

A.)”How to Earn $100,000 a Year or More While You Travel Around the World”. Teaches methods that are currently being used by people all around the world to earn a great income without having a full time job or being tied down to a set location and set hours. Perfect for world travelers who still want or need to earn an income. 

B.) “The Greatest Investment Secret of All Time: How to Manifest Riches and Create Wealth”. This is the method proven over the last 100 years to give you the best returns with the least risk.

C.) “The Inner Awakening Experience”. This program will awaken the dormant energy within you that is waiting to be unleashed. A spiritual experience that will transform you in ways that you could never imagine.

These one week (7 day) events will be open to the general public, space permitting. 

The price for each seminar will be $25,000 per person, per event. 

You get 2 FREE tickets to each event: a $300,000 value, absolutely free. 

You may use the tickets yourself, or transfer them to others.

These 3 BONUSES make purchasing a Residence an opportunity so good for the right person or family, that it will be too good to pass up. When you factor in these BONUSES, you are effectively getting your Residence for free.

PLUS there will be NO ongoing costs, fees or expenses of any kind associated with the Residence. This is totally unheard of in the industry. The other residential cruise ships including The World; Utopia; and Storylines charge ongoing fees that go up every few years. 

Storylines for example charges up to $225 per person, for every night you are on the ship, living in the Residence you already paid over $2 million for. The other ships charge monthly, quarterly and/or yearly “maintenance and operating” fees that can exceed $200,000 per year or more. 

These are the current prices. History shows us that these prices go up every few years. 

If you owned a Residence on one of these other ships, 10 years from now you could be paying $400,000 or more per year in “fees”. The prices of the Residences on these other residential cruise ships, WHEN YOU ADD IN THE ADDITIONAL FEES YOU MUST PAY EVERY QUARTER, can be as high as $30,000 per square foot! That is compared to FREEDOM’s price of $6000 per square foot. 

FREEDOM will NOT charge any FEES or charge Residents for any maintenance or operating costs. 

As you can see, this makes the cost of owning a Residence of FREEDOM, approximately 80% LESS than the other residential cruise ships.

As a Resident, the only things that you have to pay for are products and services such as spa treatments, alcohol, on board shops, and restaurants. 

The following amenities are included at no additional cost with the purchase of a Residence:

  • all classes, courses and lectures
  • all shows and entertainment
  • your own private valet, maid and butler
  • laundry, dry cleaning and pressing
  • haircuts for men and hairdressing for women
  • all personal and hair care items (all organic and the same that Kevin uses)
  • full medical and dental care 
  • schooling for children (only full time Residents may have children on board)
  • all shore excursions
  • VIP access to everything on the SHIP, never a wait (for Full Residents only)
  • internet and all streaming services
  • and much more 

Your Residence is transferable and sellable to anyone you choose who is a CLUB member (children, grandchildren, or other family members or friends). It is an asset that can be part of your “estate” and “willed” to the person of your choice. 

As we anticipate a large waiting list of CLUB members who want to get a Residence, selling the unit may be relatively easy. 

Your Residence could be an appreciating asset. This is based on the increase in value of Residences on the cruise ship The World, which has been sailing for over 17 years.

For the right person, owning a Residence and living on FREEDOM is truly a dream come true.