What is the cost to buy a one week "Fraction" of a Residence (a "Block"), meaning I own a cabin on the SHIP for 1 week every year for 50 years (for 2 people)?


All cabins for fractional ownership will be identical, with full large balconies. Size to be determined.

Cost: $75,000 gets you 1 week (7 days per year) in the cabin, every year for 50 years, for 2 people.

If you amortized the $75,000 over 50 years, it breaks down to costing you only $1500 per week for 2 people. 

This breaks down to $750 per week per person.

That is about $100 per night, on the Grandest Most Expensive Cruise Ship ever built! 

That is an unheard of low price for First Class accommodations on a 5 Star Cruise Ship in today’s market. 

Consider that because your one-time fee of $75,000 gives you 1 week on the ship for 2 people every year, your amortized weekly price is effectively “locked in”. Ten years from now, the prices of cruises will be higher than they are now. Cruise prices have always gone up, and will continue to go up. 

But because you paid a ONE TIME ONLY fee of $75,000, your amortized weekly “rate” that you paid, stays at a “constant”, never going up. 

Remember, you are not paying any more money going forward, but the rate you “paid” averages out to $100 per night per person and never goes higher. With the way prices for cruises are going up, 15 years from now, others who want to cruise on an equivalent ship to FREEDOM will probably be paying over $1000 per night for a similar ship with similar accommodations. But you pay nothing, because you effectively “paid in advance” the rate of $100 per night per person. 

Remember, you pay ONCE now and NEVER AGAIN. You are in effect “Pre paying” for your vacation every year for the next 50 years (and because you may not be around in 50 years, you can sell your cabin or gift it to your children or grandchildren, as your “asset” is fully transferable and sellable).

Remember, this will be the most luxurious and magnificent, majestic SHIP ever built. If you were to compare prices, look at Regent Seven Seas, Silversea, Seabourn, or Crystal cruise ships. These cruise lines are the most luxurious and the highest rated 5-star cruise ships available today. Yet none of them will compare with the Grandeur and Majesty of FREEDOM. 

Cruising on those ships STARTS at approximately $3000 per person for a 7 day cruise (or about $400 per night), and goes much higher than that based on where the ship is travelling and the type of cabin you want. 

There simply is no comparison to the value you are receiving when you buy a Full Residence or a “1 week a year for 50 years Fraction of a Residence” on FREEDOM. 

You are clearly getting for your money:

  • the best ship ever built
  • the best value and lowest price available on any similar ship by far
  • the best group of fellow passengers and crew
  • the absolute best experience in every way and the most FUN

There will be no comparison. 

There will never be a SHIP like FREEDOM.

There will never be another experience that compares to living, working, or vacationing on FREEDOM.

Those who buy a 1 week “FRACTION”, get all the same amenities included as listed above for Full Residents. 

Almost everything is free on the SHIP. 

NO “nickel and diming” as is done on all the other ships.

There are still more bonuses to those lucky few who purchase a “Fraction” on FREEDOM. 

When you purchase a 7 day Fraction, you also get $75,000 in “CLUB Credits” that you can use for yourself, or be transferred to the person of your choice. These credits can be applied to CLUB initiation membership fees, upgrade fees, SHIP ONLY Trainings, any and all CLUB training courses offered, CLUB events, and much more.

When you purchase a 7 day Fraction, you also get 1 Ticket to each of the 3 Kevin Trudeau Seminars listed above, a $75,000 value. The terms are the same as for Full Resident owners. 

These 2 extra value BONUSES (a $150,000 value) make purchase of a Fraction simply too good to pass up. When you factor in the BONUSES, you are effectively getting a “Fraction of a Residence” Block for free.