What is the FOOD quality going to be like?

We cannot emphasize enough about the magnificence of the FOOD on FREEDOM. Simply put, FREEDOM will have the best quality, the most options, and the best tasting food ANYWHERE on planet earth. There is no cruise ship, resort, hotel, spa, retreat, or even restaurant anywhere on the planet that is going to compare to the FOOD on FREEDOM.

All the food on FREEDOM will be as fresh as possible (almost zero canned, frozen food, freeze dried or processed food).

Almost everything on FREEDOM will be made from scratch using the absolute finest ingredients money can buy from all over the world. This is totally unheard of in the Cruise industry. 

Most pasta for example will be homemade on board from scratch with all ingredients from Italy. If the pasta is not made fresh, it will be the absolute finest money can buy, imported directly from Italy.

We may have an herb garden on the ship and we are looking at other things we can do on board to produce the finest, best tasting, freshest food available anywhere.

All the food on FREEDOM will be 100% “organic” as best as possible (in some places organic food is called “bio” and in many countries there is no certification for “organic” as there is in the USA, but the food “is” organic). We mean here that the food used on FREEDOM will have:

  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)
  • no artificial sweeteners
  • grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers
  • no growth hormones, hormones of any kind, or antibiotics in any of the meat
  • no soy 
  • no food dyes or artificial colorings
  • no chemical artificial flavorings, preservatives
  • no nitrates or nitrites
  • nothing will be “irradiated”
  • no microwave ovens used or anywhere on the SHIP
  • all beef and dairy will come from organic grass fed cows and be “raw” and not homogenized where possible
  • no farm raised fish, only wild fish caught using sustainable methods
  • no processed cheese, only real cheese made with organic raw milk from grass fed cows, sheep and goats
  • organic fresh “fertile” eggs, never pasteurized
  • and much more…

And there will be:

  • plenty of gluten free, and lactose free options
  • a huge amount of world class delicious vegetarian, vegan and raw food options
  • meals designed to meet various dietary needs such as the “paleo diet”, Atkins, Weight Watchers, sugar busters, the “no grain” diet,  low glycemic index diet, macrobiotic diet, high fiber diet, South Beach diet, and many more.

Remember, everything will be made FROM SCRATCH, just like your great grandmother did on the farm. 

For example: Pizza will be made from the world’s finest ingredients money can buy, all imported directly from Italy including “00” flour, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, oregano, basil, sea salt, real “Buffalo Mozzarella” and cooked in the finest coal and wood burning pizza ovens made in Italy. The pizza will be the healthiest, authentic and best tasting pizza you have ever had in your life. 

Almost nothing will come out of a can or jar or be pre-made. Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, salad dressing, breads, buns, yogurt, kefir, ice cream, gelato, chocolate, deserts, pies, sauces, and much more, will all be made from scratch on board by world class chefs of the absolute highest caliber. 

The food on FREEDOM will be as “farm to table” as possible.

The variety and number of choices will be mind blowing.

There will be over 30 specialty restaurants, each led by a world class chef, specializing in a specific ethic cuisine. By use of onboard “smart tablets”, kiosks, your smart phone, or in your room “smart TV”, you can see all the menus, make reservations or see the wait times at all restaurants in real time. All restaurants will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Some restaurants will be “casual” such as the “American Comfort Food Diner” serving such things as the world’s best fried chicken, mac and cheese, pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, French fries, burgers etc. 

All 100% organic, all made from scratch (including the bread, hot dog and hamburger buns). 

A unique feature will be an “Eat Anything Anywhere Anytime” option. No matter where you are on the ship, simply use your smartphone and place an “order”. It will be delivered to you using the on board “GPS” system that “knows where you are”.

24 hour Room Service will be offered with a FULL menu, compared to the extremely small menu on other cruise ships.

Throughout the ship will be coffee and tea stations with a “barista” making the absolute best world class coffee and offering the finest highest quality full leaf teas from around the world. Enjoy “Jamaican Blue Mountain and Kona” coffee as well as other spectacular coffees instead of the standard cheap “commercial stuff” served on most cruise ships.

Throughout the ship will be “Health and Juice Bars” where you will be able to get a freshly made customized juice, or protein shake. A large array of “Super Foods”, and delicious nutritious “healthy snacks” will be offered as well, including nuts and seeds, fresh veggies and fruit of all kinds.

On board will also be:

  • Gelato and Ice Cream parlor (made from scratch)
  • homemade Chocolate shop with the best ever freshly made chocolates, including “raw chocolate” options
  • bakery with freshly baked pastries, breads, cookies and cakes of all kinds made fresh from scratch all day 
  • wine and cheese bar
  • a Fresh Salad and “raw food” Bar to get super delicious and nutritious salads, fresh fruit, raw organic nuts and seeds and other “super healthy foods” anytime you want
  • a “Food Court” with all “made to order” and “made from scratch” world class quality food made fast
  • picnic baskets or “food to go” bags and boxes made so you can leave the ship and have excellent food with you in easy to carry and easy to eat packaging
  • sit down “coffee shops”
  • the Dessert Shop, with the best tasting desserts all made with the freshest, best ingredients in the world (example: whipped cream is made with real organic non homogenized cream, that came from grass fed cows, organic raw sugar cane, and “whipped” by the chef right before serving…SO DELICIOUS!)

There will not be a “main dining” room with 2 seatings per night that serves banquet quality food, as is the case on most other cruise ships. 

Eating breakfast, lunch and dinner will be open seating at all the various restaurants. Eat what you want, when you want. All the menus at all the restaurants will be available for preview on your smartphone, on the smart TV in your room or on the video tablets at kiosks around the ship to make it easy to choose where you want to eat. 

For those travelling who would like to meet others, sign up for “Shared Dining Experiences”. We will set you up with other people who are also looking to dine and meet new friends. You may want to meet people your own age, or from certain countries, or other various criteria. We will match you up with the “best fit”. A great way to meet new people. 

You may also be interested in dining with a “group “instead of just another person or couple. Tables can be set with up to 8 people making it fun to make new friends.

One unique feature in the restaurants will be how wine is sold and served. Most people cannot afford a very expensive bottle of wine. There is new technology that allows a bottle of wine to be “opened” with a thin needle through the cork, keeping the bottle “corked” and thus not exposed to air. This system allows a person to have a glass or half glass of the most expensive wines without having to buy a whole bottle. This way people can “taste” wines they would never have the opportunity to try.

Some restaurants will be “formal dress” and be Michelin Star Quality, while others will be very casual. 

No “fast food chain” restaurants of any kind, and no “buffet” with luke warm, barely edible food as is the case on most cruise ships.