What It Takes To Make It

A Lesson Showing That There Is Only One Common Denominator Of Successful People

The “Truth” about “Successful People”:

1.) Successful people are too busy doing what the other guys are not willing to do.

2.) Successful people are too busy doing what the other guys are too good to do.

3.) Successful people have developed the HABIT of doing what failures are not willing to do.

4.) Everyone dreams of being a legend until it comes time to do what legends do.

5.) Do the right things, long enough, consistently.

6.) Successful people have success habits, failures have failure habits.

This is really only one truth said 6 similar yet different ways.

They all come from ONE statement made by a gentleman approximately 100 years ago and first quoted by Earl Nightingale.

A man spent several years studying successful people in the insurance industry. He looked at both those that succeeded and those who failed.  After much analysis, he determined that there was only ONE common denominator of the successful people.

The successful people had developed the HABIT of doing what the failures did not like to do and were not willing to do.

He discovered that successful people did not like doing these things either but did them anyway. The successful people, through willpower, grit, and determination, did the things that no one liked to do and the failures were unwilling to do consistently, until doing them became a HABIT.

A HABIT is something you do automatically, without thinking, and without effort! It comes natural. It is also something that is hard NOT to do! 

We all have hundreds of habits. Most are “failure habits”.

Successful people have turned the things that others are not willing to do and do not like to do into habits that they do without effort. 

The great football coach Vince Lombardi said, “Success is a HABIT.”

Get into the “Habit” of succeeding instead of your normal “Habit” of failing. 

You can do it!

Much love,