What kind of crew jobs are there?

All the standard cruise ship crew positions will be offered on the SHIP. 

The “total compensation” package for FREEDOM crew will be better than any other cruise line or ship in the world. 

Crew will get the “best” of everything when compared to working for other cruise lines. Crew will have FREE the most comfortable accommodations, all meals (crew eats what passengers eat which is unheard of), beverages, medical, dental, free uniforms, all hair care and personal care items, and internet. Laundry and pressing will be done for you, along with cabin maid service. Everything is free. A crew member virtually will never need to spend any money as everything is FREE. 

Crew will also get free membership in The CLUB and free CLUB training (worth tens of thousands of dollars). 

When crew members are not working, they will be free to enjoy the SHIP and be treated as a full guest passenger (never before on any cruise ship). 

Crew members will be offered such an amazing opportunity, so many benefits and perks, that FREEDOM will attract the best of the best in the world who will want to be full time crew on the SHIP.