What kind of entertainment will be on the SHIP?

The SHIP will have a main Theater/Showroom where first class productions will perform. These “shows” include Broadway style musicals and theater, Vegas Style acts, concerts, Ballet, Symphonies, old fashion Vaudeville shows, “Circus Night”, and much more. Over a 7 night period, every night will be a different show. There will also be shows during the day on occasion. 

The SHIP will also have live musical entertainment, singers, dancers, and much more throughout the SHIP and in “Clubs” in the evening. This will include Jazz, Blues, singers, dancers, and all kinds of music to cater to a large variety of “tastes” from around the world.

Entertainment will also include special local world class “Concerts” and “Acts” when the SHIP is docked at a destination. For example: When the ship is docked in Italy, we may have Italian Opera Stars come on board for a special concert. When in London, we may have the London Philharmonic Orchestra come on to perform classical symphonies. We will have world famous singers, musicians and “acts” in our spectacular Showroom. And it is all free to passengers.

The SHIP will have an IMAX theater for movies and documentaries, and a “normal” Movie Cinema so you can watch a movie “on the big silver screen” for maximum effect. The SHIP will also offer hundreds of thousands of movies and videos of all kinds available to watch on your room TV or your tablet or other device.

The SHIP will have a world class “game room”, card room, and other entertaining things to do, including lectures, classes, and learning opportunities.

And MUCH more.