What kind of shore excursions will be offered?

FREEDOM will have the largest selection and variety of shore excursions ever offered on a cruise ship. These excursions will vary and include such things as: adventure and physically active expeditions; educational and cultural outings; “eating with the locals”; fine dining; sightseeing; and more.  Some excursions will be for only a few hours, others will be all day, and yet others will be for several days where you will stay in hotels or even camping trips in nature.

In addition, local CLUB members or associates (those considering becoming members in the CLUB), will also offer to meet with SHIP passengers and share their homes and do “private tours” of the area. This way, one can really get to know the culture and people in the destination and make new friends.

FREEDOM passengers will also have VIP access and tickets to a variety of local activities, events, and “things to do” at each port of call.