What You Want

Discover The Areas Of Life People Want Most And Learn How To Reach Them

When asked, most people effectively say they want to be Happy, Victorious, Prosperous and Free.

Think of those 4 areas. 

Happiness is the inner state. You can use all kinds of words to describe this inner feeling such as joy, peace, contentment, fulfillment, bliss, serenity. When it comes down to where the rubber meets the road, every "want" or desire a person has, is there, ONLY because one thinks that attaining it will bring about an INNER feeling most commonly called "happiness".

The desire to be Victorious points out that most people feel like they are in a "struggle", fight, or "battle" of some kind in their lives. Most view life in this way. Thus, the desire to be a Victor over the "enemy". In truth, there are no enemies, there is no battle. Life is a game, where YOU are playing ALL roles.

People say they want to "Prosper", not necessarily become rich, wealthy, or have tons of money. Prosper is different than being a multimillionaire. It is having an abundance and wanting nothing. It is having "more than enough", which varies greatly from person to person. Not just more than enough money. Prosper also means "good" in the areas of health, relationships, family, career, following one's purpose, social life, spiritual life, as well as emotional and mental states. Most people do not want to be "rich" in terms of money, but they do want to "prosper" in all areas of life.

And then there is the strong need for Freedom. Freedom is a state of mind and a feeling. It goes beyond human comprehension, but we all know we want more freedom. Instinctually we know we are currently "confined" in many ways. We have physical limitations with our bodies. Some can do more with their bodies than we can with ours. But just because we have a physical body, we feel limited. Our minds are also limited. The ability to process information is less than we want. Some people are "smarter" or more intelligent than others, so we feel mentally constrained. We also feel spiritually "boxed in" in some weird way. We feel separate and alone and long for "oneness". This "oneness" or completeness or wholeness, we know, will give us a sense of total freedom on all levels and all dimensions.

I have good news! 

There are people, MANY people, who have achieved complete inner Happiness, the sense of total Victory, live in absolute Prosperity in every area of life, and enjoy 100% Freedom on all levels and all dimensions.

The methods are taught in my 3 Personal Transformation Courses:

The Science of Personal Mastery Course

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The Success Mastery Course.

You too can be Happy, Victorious, Prosperous and Free. Learn and apply the secrets, and you will never be the same.

Much love.

Your friend,