Where Your Desires Come From

A Lesson Identifying The 'Best' Root Cause For Your Goals And Desires

Everyone has desires. Everyone has goals to some extent. Many people have dreams for the future. We all want things in life. We want conditions, circumstances and people in our life to be a certain way. Most people "wish" they had a certain car, or a big house, or more money, to lose weight, to meaning or fulfillment in their lives, to have inner peace, to be happy, or a special person or lover in their lives. 

Many times, these are not just wants, they are "needs". 

This means we feel if we don't get the things we want, we will never be really happy or satisfied.

Sometimes however, these desires are just "wishes" and fantasies. It is like "day dreaming".

All these "desires", no matter what category they are in, come from either the small "self" (EGO), or the Higher SELF. Mostly, they all come from some combination of both. 

The EGO has needs. The Higher SELF has no needs because it has everything right now. 

The EGO is based in fear. Therefore, the small self (EGO) needs:

- control and power

- security; safety

- acceptance; love; acknowledgment; affirmation; to be right and make others wrong; to feel wanted and needed; admiration; respect; to feel worthy, deserving and "good enough"

Most desires come from the small self: the EGO. 

The Higher SELF's only desire is to get "you", the smaller self (the EGO) to rise in consciousness and awareness and merge with the Higher SELF. This is not even a real desire or "want". It is actually the only instinctive inner "drive" of the HIGHER SELF.

The small self (EGO) has as its core "base inner drive" to "Survive", therefore it always fears "death". 

The Higher SELF knows it is eternal and everlasting and immortal, thus it has no drive to "Survive". 

One of the greatest kept secrets of success is to have your dreams, goals, desires, wants and wishes, come from mostly the Higher SELF and not mostly from the EGO. 

If your desire comes from the EGO, it is coming from fear. 

If your desire comes from the Higher SELF, it is coming from the highest vibration of love. 

If your desire is rooted in fear, you are coming from a place of lack. This means it will be very hard for you to achieve your desire. And if you do achieve your desire, you are very likely to lose what you attained.

You will also never be satisfied or happy with what you attained anyway. Something will always be "missing". 

If your desire is rooted in love, you are coming from a place of "havingness". This is a vibration of abundance. This means you will achieve your desire faster and easier. Most importantly, you will not "lose" what you attained, and you will be completely satisfied, fulfilled and happy. Not because you obtained your desire, but because you were already in that state all along. 

This is a secret that is never talked about in any book on "Success", because the so called "success experts" do not really KNOW how to attain "success". They only "know about" how to attain success.

You can have it ALL. You can achieve what you desire and have inner peace, joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. You can be totally happy all the time, no matter what the conditions are in your life. You can have a life filled with meaning where you absolutely LOVE LIFE.

Contemplate this ancient wisdom. 

I will meet you in the space between thoughts. 

Much love,

Your friend,