Who Can Teach You?

This Gives You An Insight Of Who Can Teach You The Best Lessons In Your Life

Who do you listen to? This question is different than "Who do you learn from?" Most people think they are the same. What does "listen" mean? What does "learn from" mean. Think about these things. Ponder this: You can learn the most from your enemies. 

Think about those who hate you, those who YOU hate, those who make you feel bad, those who "hurt" you, those who if they would only change your life would be better. These people are your greatest teachers. 

You should love these people. These people, more than any other, can bring you to a "place" where all your dreams can come true. Remember, YOU attracted them into your life. They are an answer to what you have been asking for. 

YOU called them forth into your life. This is why "love your enemies, love those who hate you" is a common high spiritual teaching.

Much love,