Who Do You Listen To? Part 1

GuruKev Presents Here Various Criteria To Consider When Choosing A Person To Listen To And To Follow

When you want your dreams to come true, who do you listen to? Who can help you? Who can you learn from? Whose advice should you take? The answer is: Someone who has what you want and has been where you are. You can only receive what someone has to give. And the most a person can give is what they have BECOME: their STATE; their ESSENCE; what they KNOW (not just know about).

Remember also, that you can and are encouraged to learn from everyone, every situation and every experience. The major obstacle a person has is when the MIND THINKS it knows already. When we get to the point of being bored listening to audios/lectures/speakers or reading books that reveal Truth, we have lost our ability to learn and we cannot go any further.

Ultimately, when you are one with your Source (in alignment with no resistance, 100% allowing) you simply listen to yourself (God, Source, etc.) and you follow your feelings. However, when you get to that point, you are also the most teachable and love the never ending learning process (as long as you are in a body, you are learning!). It is your inner voice/feelings (the SELF/God/Source, etc.) that is always right. Then again, remember, you can never be wrong! Think about that! Follow your feelings, not what your mind thinks and tells you intellectually.

As a practical matter, all of us do need others to help us grow, expand, and unleash our true potential. And more precisely we need SOMEONE that has their "power unleashed" (in alignment, totally allowing, stripped of the mind/thoughts/ego). As THEIR energy touches OUR energy and awakens it! There is a mathematical universal formula: YOU plus ANOTHER (as long as that "other" already has their power, energy, awareness unleashed) overpowers the mind/ego and allows you to be free of it, releasing your unlimited potential and abilities including your ability to manifest material things, and your ability to be blissful & joyful at all times. We do need such another "being or beings" to assist us in releasing our abilities by fully knowing our true awesome and perfect nature. (As long as that person is in alignment with their source and have the full cosmic power of light/love/wellness flowing through them without any resistance). We do need such a being initially and all along the way to help free us from our own mind, thoughts, ego, so that we can use the power/energy we ARE and manifest our desires, whatever they are, and experience true peace; harmony; bliss; joy; contentment; tranquility; serenity.

So, the question is, which people do we follow, and who do we listen to? What group/club/society should we join? What training should we invest time and money in? Which "person" should we learn from and trust their teachings?

There is a great difference between an ordinary teacher, speaker, motivator, or author who may be excellent at describing things intellectually that they know about (instead of actually KNOW) and the "sage, guru, master, avatar, saint, etc." who actually changes you from the inside by their presence, a simple smile, their writings/words, or even when you just think of them or look at their picture.

Knowing about something, and having the ability, capacity, and experience of actually LIVING and BEING it are totally different things.

You cannot give what you do not have, what you are not, or what you have not personally experienced.

Many people, however well meaning, try to teach what they do not "have" or "what they have not’ personally experienced or what they are not (A Savior must already be saved).

If you find someone where just their ordinary comment or conversation, a simple lecture, an audio recording, a video, or something they wrote, gives you not just information, but an experience that feels amazingly joyful and blissful, then my guidance would be to listen very closely to that person! Follow him/her! If someone makes you feel rearranged on the inside after some insignificant moment with them or something they wrote, listen to them... follow them.

If someone makes you feel different, in a positive permanent way, listen to them... follow them. I have told the story many times about when I first heard Dexter Yager speak in 1979. I listened to him for an entire weekend seminar. When it was over, I was asked what I learned, I said I learned nothing. I could not remember or point to anything he said that hit home with me. I was actually annoyed the whole weekend because he was not a good speaker, and he really did not teach us anything! But I was a changed person after that weekend seminar! I was transformed! I was rearranged on the inside. His "beingness, essence, energy", touched me.

This happened to me 3 times with 3 different people over the years (the positive effect I had was because of the energy they had AND the fact that I was READY to receive it!), IT (the "presence; power; energy...not THEM) awakened MY essence; energy; beingness; power! I had an "experience". I was different. I would never be the same! Their "power; love; essence; energy" opened me up!

I FELT different, in a major positive, permanent way. It was like a cosmic power that came from them that initiated and awakened a spiritual awareness and consciousness in me. I could SEE! I could FEEL! I had a KNOWINGNESS! I had an "experience" that was uplifting, empowering, expanding my whole being, and an increased sense of clarity of perception.

I had the deepest sense of thankfulness and appreciation. This continued to increase ever since, as long as I stayed in connection in some way to them. It was like they were a "light" and I was a candle that was not lit yet. Their "flame/light" lit my candle! And together, the power of the light is exponential.

When you meet someone in person, or via their book/CD/audio/lecture/video/writings, and your HEART feels the effects, and you feel "transformed", you have found the "being" that can help you release your abilities, your true god nature, and truly awaken you to who you really are.

You can then truly be able to manifest all of your desires and be happier/joyful/blissful etc and more at peace than you could ever imagine. When you feel 100% accepted and loved by a "being" you are learning from, and when you feel the person actually "knows" have found a source for yourself. You will know by how you FEEL.

You can tell because that person will not say "look at me"... but rather... "look inside yourself, look at yourself, see the perfection in YOU, see the unlimited potential and power that IS you!" They will empower you.

Remember, you are the pure expression of God's (Source) love, just as God is love, so are you. YOU are pure Love/Perfection. This is why I say after a lecture, or meeting, "may you never be the same". Because I KNOW, you will never be the same after you experience a book/CD/seminar etc.

Now that you have read this, how do you feel? Are many mysteries now clear to you? How will you feel tomorrow?!?!? And the day after?!?!? I will say to you with my deepest love and appreciation. Love yourself, you are PERFECTION! And, may you never be the same. Until next time.

Much love,