Who Do You Listen To? Part 2

Here The Real Secrets Of Who Do You Listen To Are Taught

If you want your dreams to come true, the single most important thing you can do is listen to and follow the right people.

Listen to, learn from and follow someone who:

1.) Has what you want

2.) Has been where you are right now and started at about the same place you are starting from

3.) Has failed, faced adversity and hardship, yet overcame all obstacles and succeeded

4.) Is still learning and growing; has a high teachability index; reads books, attends seminars and is constantly “sharpening their ax”; is getting better and better all the time; supremely confident, with 100% certainty, yet humble

5.) KNOWS the material instead of just “Knows About” the material. Has a very deep well of knowledge from personal experience as well as from observing others who are successful in the area that they are teaching, rather than solely academic study.

6.) Succeeded to an extremely high level BEFORE they ever wrote a book, or taught a seminar.

When deciding what book to read, seminar to attend, speaker to listen to, or course to take, ask yourself how is the author or presenter qualified to teach the subject. Go through the above 6 criteria and see if the author is in fact “someone you should listen to, learn from, and follow”.

It will shock you to find out that it is extremely rare to find someone who fits the above criteria, especially in the areas of “Success”; “How to make Money”; “How to manifest your desires”; “How to use the Law of Attraction”; or “How to get Rich”.

Almost every author of such books or online “Gurus” teaching “Success” courses or people who put together various audio and video programs, have never actually made any real money in their lives BEFORE they wrote their book or started selling their courses or programs.

These “Success Experts” actually never made substantial money or had any significant level of success in real life.

The only  money they ever made was selling books or courses on “How to make Money”, and that was not “real” money, meaning $100 million or more and/or a net income of over $1 million per month (after all expenses and taxes).

A great example of this was the “How to Get Rich in Real Estate” craze back in the 80’s and 90’s. Dozens of guys were selling courses on “How to Buy Real Estate with No Money Down”, or “How to make a Fortune in Real Estate”.

I knew most of these guys. They were great guys – well intentioned guys – guys who in most cases really wanted to help others succeed.

Yet almost none of them actually made a fortune in real estate! Most just bought a few properties and made a little money. They had a little experience and it was very limited. But they “thought” they “knew it all”.

They quickly realized how hard the real estate business was and how much time and effort it took to be successful. They discovered they could make a thousand times MORE money selling books and courses on “How to get rich in real estate” as opposed to actually getting rich in real estate themselves. Doing so also fed their ego and desire to “be on stage” and “be famous”.

There were a couple of guys, Carlton Sheets and Robert Allen for example, who actually made tens of millions in real estate before they ever started selling courses on real estate. THOSE would have been the guys to listen to.

Many people today are reading books, attending seminars, and taking courses on “How to Create The Life You Want” type of training. I have read over 1500 of these kinds of books over the years.

The authors are usually sincere well-meaning people. Most are great people. However, in most cases they are just giving their ego driven “sound good” politically correct advice and presenting it all as “facts”. In truth they are only sharing their opinions about how to be successful. Many of their opinions, if followed, could actually take you down a road to failure.

I have however also seen with my own eyes, that every one of those books, programs and courses do in fact have some excellent information. However, there is enough “bad or wrong” information, that one must use a massive amount of discernment to separate the “wheat from the chaff”. So beware, be careful, and use LOTS of discernment.

OR, you could just be  “safe” and find someone that meets the above criteria. Read that person’s books, go to their seminars, engage in their courses and programs.

Another key point is this: You can and should learn from everyone.

Remember the axiom: The wise man learns from the fool, but the fool cannot learn from the wise man.

So always pay attention, listen to everyone with an open mind, and have self-awareness. But make sure you use always use lots of discernment.

If the Universe is presenting something or someone to you, you attracted it into your life, and there is a lesson in it for you, if you can find it.

The next key point is this: Don’t confuse “Listening to, Learning from, and Following” from being “coached”.

“Coaches” will probably not fit all the criteria listed above, but coaches can be helpful.

Coaches “Know About” the subject, rather than “KNOW” the subject. They however do KNOW how to coach (at least the good ones do!).

Coaches can point out things for you to consider because they are watching you and have a different viewpoint and perspective. They “guide” and lead. They can offer insight to help in your self-awareness. They can motivate and inspire. All great athletes had coaches. But the great coaches allowed the great athletes to experience “self-discovery”, thus have their own cognitions. They also allowed the great athletes to make the final decisions on everything. The coaches gave the athletes things to “consider” and made sure the athletes remained challenged and “sharp”.

The most successful people in every field of endeavor have actually put together a “team” consisting of a person or people that they will listen to, learn from, and follow. Each member has a specific specialty. One “team member” may be an expert at making money, another an expert in fitness and health, another an expert in relationships, another an expert in sex, and yet another and expert in investment and planning for retirement.

Most people find these team members and learn from them through their books, seminars and courses.

You might also have a coach. The “coach” might be a study buddy or friend that you help motivate and they help motivate you.

As you grow from this processes of learning, listening to and following people, using discernment, you will ultimately learn to listen to the Ultimate SOURCE of knowing, your inner SELF, that small, still voice within.

This is your inner “Guru”. This is “God within”. This is your intuition, or gut feelings, or being led by the spirit of the Lord. This is your “knowingness” and your “certainty”.

Ultimately THAT is who you listen to and follow, as the SELF is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient.

Listen to and follow the right people. Those who have what you want and have been where you are.

Learn from everyone… with lots of discernment.

Be motivated and inspired by “coaches”.

Ultimately listen to your inner SELF, the final and absolute SOURCE of total knowing.

More on this vital subject in future memos.

This is only part 1.

Much love,