Who Do You Listen To? Part 3

In This Lesson GuruKev Gives Further Guidelines In Terms Of Who Do You Listen To And Also What Not To Do

The single most important thing you can do that will determine if you succeed or fail in achieving your dreams in life is listen to the “right” people and get information from a true “Source”.

If you want to go to an even higher level, follow a true “Master”.

Most people simply get information from “bad” sources.

Very rarely does someone attach themselves to and follow a true “Master”.

If you are driving your car, trying to get someplace you have never been before,  you listen to and follow your GPS. It knows.

You might also ask someone who is starting from the same place that you are, actually has been to where you want to go, and who took the route to that destination before you. That person knows.

It would be silly to ask someone for directions who has never been to your desired destination, and never traveled the road you must travel to get to where you want to go. That person might “know about” the route to get to where you want to go, but they do not “KNOW” the route from personal experience.

You need to listen to people that “KNOW”.

In life almost everyone wants to have a good relationship with their spouse, kids, friends, neighbors, co-workers and boss.

Most people want financial security.

Many desire to make more money, get out of debt, or lose weight, fix our health, or start a business and be our own boss.

Some people may want to invest wisely for retirement and get great returns.

Others may want to grow their business and become wealthy.

And almost all of us want inner peace, joy, and fulfillment. We want to feel satisfied. We desire to feel wanted and loved. We want people to like us.

Ultimately we want to be happy.

If you want these things, here are some guidelines of who you should listen to and “follow”:

1.) Listen to someone who has what you want and has been where you are. This means you are listening to people who actually KNOW and not just “KNOW ABOUT”.

Examples: If you want to be rich, listen to someone who is rich and started off about the same place you are starting off. If you want inner peace, joy and complete happiness, listen to someone who lives in those firmly established states and is fully anchored in those states.

Ideally that person should have also started off in a similar place to where you started off.

2.) Learn from everyone.

Remember, the wise man learns from the fool, but the fool does not even learn from the wise man.

Yes, you can and should learn from everyone, even the “lowest” person, the poorest person, the “worst” person, the most depressed person.

However that vast majority of your time should be listening to someone who at least has more than you in the area you are looking to grow.

If you want to make money, listen to someone who at least has more than you, however it is also best to learn from someone who is at the level you are looking to reach and ideally way beyond that level.

3.) When listening to people, make sure you find out what they did when they were at the point you are in the journey.

This is key.

Many wealthy people, AFTER they become super rich, tell people that want to be rich such things as “take time for your family; don’t work too hard as life is short; and diversify into multiple businesses early in your career”.

But those rich people did not do those things when they first started their careers.

They were obsessed with work and making money. They worked 12-14 or more hours a day, 7 days a week. They were focused on one business and never diversified in the beginning. They had singleness of purpose.

The point here is you should look at what those people did when they were first starting.

Do not do what they do now that they are rich, do what they did when they were where you are now.

4.) Ultimately listen to your own intuition. Follow the still inner voice that tells you TRUTH. Follow your feelings.


Here is one of the big mistakes people make that stops them from succeeding or slows down their success by taking them on many detours. This mistake is listening to people that KNOW ABOUT a subject and do not really KNOW the subject.

This is most clear in the area of “Success” or “Making Money” “Experts”.

There are thousands of very well intentioned “Experts” on How to be Successful and How to Get Rich who have produced books, audio/video courses, and seminars.

Almost EVERY SINGLE ONE never succeeded in any kind of business and never made any “real” money before they started writing books and selling courses and seminars. Most actually failed in everything they tried.

The only money they ever made was selling books, courses and seminars on “How to Make Money or How to Be Successful”.

If they REALLY knew how to make money, then why didn’t they actually make real money FIRST, and THEN put out books, courses and seminars?

The answer is they do not KNOW. They only KNOW ABOUT the subject.

Here is the sad truth.

Almost every one of these “Success Coaches” or so called “Experts” simply read some books on success, went to some success or how to make money seminars, or took some “get rich” courses, and then just paraphrased all the “sound good” “sound bites” of what they learned, rewrote it and became an “Expert” on “Releasing Human Potential” or “Attaining Super Mega Success in Life”.

These well-meaning people might be great communicators, funny entertaining speakers, excellent writers, and charismatic presenters. All of them give some excellent valuable information that can be extremely useful.

However, they do not have “real depth” of knowledge, knowingness or personal experience.

All the stuff they teach is “shallow”. There is no depth to the material. It is all “sound good” “fluff” that might give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, but has no deep fullness that creates long term and permanent results.

The big danger is that much of what they say is simply not true. It might sound good, but much of it does not work. Following some of their advice will actually HURT your chances of success.

One example is in most books on success, the “Experts” always say that to be successful you must lead your group and make decisions by “consensus”. You are told that everyone’s opinion is important. You must listen to all viewpoints from your staff, and come up with a plan that everyone agrees on.

While this might work in fairytales and in the myths and legends fantasized by well meaning “success authors”, in the vast majority of REAL LIFE cases, this is simply not true.

The idea of a business leader having “votes” with staff on what to do and only doing what everyone agrees with is fantasy. Read biographies of some of the modern richest people in the world such as Steven Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Martha Stewart, and Michael Bloomberg.

The truth is they were (and still are in many cases) arrogant, mean, nasty, demanding, and demeaning to their staff. They would (and some still do) yell and scream at employees. They were (and most still are) extremely dictatorial. They exhibited a “know it all” attitude, and showed extremely egotistical behavior.

While most of them did listen to staff, ask questions and get viewpoints, they always “ordered” what they “knew” was the right way to go. Their attitude was “My way or the Highway”.

In fact, their way was almost always unanimously disagreed with by their executive staffs! Henry Ford’s staff thought he was a tyrant and incompetent and some called him “stupid”.

This is why my recommended book list (which includes movies, DVD’s and audio/video courses) is very selective.

The authors of the material I recommend mostly “KNOW” and don’t just “KNOW ABOUT”.

I average reading about 100 books before I find one to recommend.

The books I read are by very well intentioned people who really want to help others succeed. But generally they really don’t KNOW. They “Think” they “KNOW”.

They say things like “I BELIEVE”. This really means “I do not KNOW”. When you believe something, you have a foundation of doubt on which the “Belief” is built.

They are also talking mostly from “ego”. This is easy to spot. Just count the number of times the author uses the words: I; My; Mine. In one NY Times bestselling book on success, the author used those words hundreds of times.

Also look for phrases like: I call it; I named it; I discovered; My way of putting it is; I always say: I said many times; One of my core teachings is; etc.

Those are the tell-tale signs of “ego” driven authors.

Even when you read some of my suggested books, listen to the audios I recommend, or watch the suggested DVD’s, you must still always use DISCERNMENT.

Never take anything I say or what anyone says, on blind faith. Challenge and test everything. Get your own personal experience and “knowingness” from any material you are exposed to. Try to “poke holes” in what you are being exposed to.

Another key factor when evaluating a teacher and what the teacher is teaching is this: Has it passed the test of time?

If the “method” is “new”, with only a couple years of results that can be evaluated, beware. The fact is the authentic “Success Secrets” or processes to attain “Enlightenment” that actually WORK, have been around for thousands of years.

The test of time, is a wonderful “litmus” test.

Follow someone who says this: “I did not invent this, I am sharing what I’ve learned from others and worked for me”. They are egoless and giving TRUTH.

One more thing when it comes to learning how to make money.

You should really only listen to those who have made “real money” in their lives, starting from nothing.

“Real Money” is at least $100 million USD.

In the early 1900’s, the world “Millionaire” came into being. Many American entrepreneurs were “hitting it big” and becoming very successful in business. There were no income taxes and very little regulations at that time. If you had a million in CASH, you were then classified as a “Millionaire”.

A Millionaire back then meant you were REALLY RICH! You never had to work another day in your life. With a million dollars back then, you could earn dividends and interest paying you over $100,000 a year, tax free.

In today’s money that would be about $10 million a year tax free!

I think you would agree, if you had a lifetime income of $10 million a year tax free, you would certainly be living on easy street.

Real money therefore means having in today’s money what would be equivalent to being a millionaire at the turn of the century (about $100 million after taxes).

If a person makes a million dollars a year today, that is in reality not a very big deal. That person can teach you something, as they are probably making more than you.

However a person who has made hundreds of millions of dollars or billions of dollars KNOWS so much more it would blow your mind. There is an exponential increase in knowledge and knowingness about how to make, manifest, or create money when you go up from making 1 million a year to 10 million to 20 million to 50 million to 100 million and then to a billion.

It is like a Richter scale. The increase in knowledge about the mechanics of manifesting and creating money, (not actually EARNING or MAKING MONEY) a person gains from $100,000 a year to $1 million a year is great, say a 10 times increase.

But the increase in knowingness a person gains when he moves from earning 1 million a year to 10 million a year is not a 10 times increase, it is a 1000 times increase in mental knowingness and power.

From 10 million to 100 million is not a 10 times increase, nor a 1000 times increase, it is a 10,000 times increase.

This is the Richter scale type exponential increase in personal power and internal knowingness.

This occurs with anything and in every field, not just in the area of making money.

The DEPTH of knowledge a person has who has made over 100 million or over billion is just at another level.

So, YES, you can learn from anyone who has “more than you”, but listen to and follow the person with the MOST knowledge you can find.

With this in mind, if you look at the books on “How to make Money” or “How to be Successful”, there are only a handful of authors/experts who have actually EVER made “Real Money” in their life.

Listen to THOSE people and BEWARE of all the others. Following the sound good advice of the “wanna be’s” can be disastrous when it comes to making money or attaining your dreams and desires.

This is Part 3 of this vital step to attaining your desires. Part 4 and beyond will follow.

Much love to all of you and wanting you to have all your dreams come true.

Your friend and with you all the way,