Who Do You Listen To? Part 4

This Lessons Talks About The Importance Of Finding The Right "Mentor" Or "Teacher" And To Listen To His One Person

Part 4 of this vital concept.

As you read each part of this series, you may think there are some repeatings of information.

Remember, to know and not to do, is not to know.

This data and concept is critical to your growth.


From the moment we are born, we are listening to and learning from others.

More accurately, our minds are being "programmed" by others.

As we go through life, thousands of people will give us advice, tell us what is right and wrong, what we should do and should not do, and instruct us to believe certain things.

We read books and allow the authors to fill our minds with what is mostly their opinion. We then allow those opinions to become our "facts".

We go to school and allow the teacher's opinions to become our "truth".

We watch TV, videos, and movies; listen to music lyrics; read newspapers and magazines; read what is said on Wikipedia; and fill our minds with whatever is presented in the mainstream media, and all forms of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. All the time mindlessly and blindly believing everything as the absolute truth.

We listen to our friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, politicians, pastors, spiritual leaders, and those in positions of authority or who have more education than we do. We think in most cases they know more than us and are smarter than us. Thus we agree with their opinions, repeat them like parrots, and make those opinions our "facts" and "our Truth".

Without much discernment on our part, we simply allow all these opinions of others to control our actions, create our beliefs, and give us "facts" that we claim we now "know" to be true. We blindly follow with a "Group Think" mentality and allow ourselves to be led like "sheepeople".

When we want to learn how to be successful, or make more money, or how to find inner peace, or how to achieve our goals in life, we attend seminars and workshops, read books, and take courses taught and authored by so called "experts".

However we never question if those "experts" in fact really "KNOW" what they are teaching through personal experience.

We generally do not challenge them to see if what they are presenting has passed the test of time, been validated, documented, verified and authenticated. We just "assume" they must be an expert because they wrote a book, or are a speaker and teach a course.

We never really find out if what they are teaching is "proven" to be true and actually works or is it just "sound good" advice.

Yet with all this "Success" training (really indoctrination and brainwashing), most people still never attain their goals in life. Most people never achieve the level of success they had hoped for.

Most people's dreams never manifest.

Most people never attain permanent inner peace, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Most people never reach a state of real, deep happiness that is stable and constant.

**If you want your dreams to come true, the single most important thing you can do is follow and listen to the right people.**


This is now a well-established fact. It is TRUTH. This "TRUTH" has passed the test of time. It is now indisputable.

You must listen to, learn from, be inspired by, be coached by, and be mentored by the right people giving the "right" information. A well-meaning person giving us the wrong driving directions, means we will not get to where we want to go.

The right people are those who truly KNOW what they are talking about from personal experience. They traveled the road you want to travel. They have reached the destination you want to reach. They ARE where you WANT to be. They have what you want to have. They started where you are right now.

They did not just read some books or take some seminars on the subject. Such a person just "KNOWS ABOUT" "how to be a success", or "how to make your dreams come true", or "how to manifest your desires", or "how to attain complete inner peace and joy".

They might be very well-intentioned people and might share some great valuable information. However, in almost every instance, they still give well-meaning advice that simply is wrong and will lead you AWAY from your desired destination.

Simply look at today's Forbes 400 list (the list of the 400 richest people in the world). Every one of those people, WHEN THEY STARTED, had at least one GOOD "mentor" or a "teacher" that they learned from and guided them in the right direction.

Look at the most successful athletes in the world. Every one of them, WHEN THEY STARTED,  had at least one GOOD mentor or a teacher that guided them in the right direction.

Look at the most successful artists, musicians, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, spiritual leaders, political leaders, and the most prominent people in every field of endeavor. Every one of them, WHEN THEY STARTED, had at least one GOOD mentor or teacher that guided them in the right direction.

Then look at the failures, or those who might be doing "well" in life, but never "that well". These people either had no mentor or teacher, had BAD mentors or teachers, or if they did have great teachers, they did not listen to them due to arrogance.

The majority of people who wanted to "succeed" in life yet "failed" tried to do it on their own with the "trial and error" method or simply listened to and followed the wrong people who were giving well intentioned, but bad advice.

Here is the shocking truth.

When it comes to "success"; how to manifest your desires; how to become financially independent; how to make lots of money; how to "attract" all the things you want; how to release your full human potential and how to make your dreams come true; over 90% of the so called "experts" teaching seminars, selling courses, or who have written books on the subject, were never successful before they wrote their books, or taught their seminars or sold their courses.

Almost everyone was virtually "broke" when they started teaching others "How to be Successful".

Those few who did make a little money (maybe a million or 2), never made any "real money" before they started teaching how to be successful.

"Real Money" is a minimum of $100 million USD. If a person has not made at least that amount, they really don't know how to make money.

These "Experts" on "Success" and "How to Make Money" in fact made their money selling books, seminars and courses on "How to Make Money". Think about this!

If they knew so much, and their techniques really worked, why didn't they make $10 million, or $50 million, or $100 million FIRST, using the "breakthrough revolutionary" methods they are teaching, and THEN write a book or start teaching others "How to make money"?

Most people looking to attain "Success" in life are following and listening to well-meaning people, mostly with very good intentions, who are giving  "sound good" advice. However much of their advice is simply their "theory", not truth or reality.

Much of what they teach is actually opposite of what real wealthy people did to build their wealth. Much of the teachings of these "experts" simply do not work.

What makes a "GOOD" teacher or mentor? Who SHOULD you listen to and follow?

THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT trait that ideally should be present when deciding who to "follow" and who to listen to is:

1.) Listen to and follow someone who has what you want and has been where you are. (Thus has personal experience and "KNOWS" vs. no personal experience and only "KNOWS ABOUT".)

Some other key traits include:

2.) Someone who knows there is more than one path to success, and just because they achieved success using a particular method, it does not mean that that method is the right method for everyone.

3.) Someone who is still learning and growing; is supremely confident with complete knowingness, yet humble.

4.) Someone who is an excellent teacher and communicator.

5.) Someone that has the power to "transfer" knowledge energetically to you, as well as awaken your own dormant energy that is within you waiting to be brought to life.

This releases your ability to tap into the Universal Field of Consciousness. This results in you ultimately learning how to listen to your own inner voice, your own heart, your own intuition and your own feelings. This will allow you to guide yourself by your Higher SELF, the real YOU, and unleash your own personal inner "GURU" or "The Genie Within" that will grant you your every wish.

This is having complete and total Knowingness or TRUTH on all levels (being lucky enough to have a mentor or teacher in this category is extremely rare).

Let's break this down.

Before you choose who to follow and who to "listen to", you need to first define what you want in life.

If your main goal is to learn to play the piano and become a concert pianist, you might choose as part of the team of people you "listen to and follow" someone different than if you wanted to learn how to make lots of money or "How to manifest your desires".

If you wanted as your main goal in life to attain SELF Realization and attain inner freedom and liberation, you might choose to listen to and follow someone different than if you wanted to become a billionaire.

HOWEVER, in surveying millions of people around the world, the vast majority of people have some common "generalized" answers to the question "What do you want to have in your life?"

Here are the MOST COMMON answers from millions of people around the world to the question "What do you want in life":

1.) Financial independence and security, and all things related to having more money. To be comfortable financially.  Debt free. Plenty of money for retirement, education for the children and all those related expenses, money for good health insurance and health care. A higher standard of living. A better quality of life. All the things money can buy: a nice home and furnishings; nice cars; recreational vehicles such as a boat or RV or ATV's; nice clothes; travel; jewelry; servants; and all such things. Financial freedom. To be relatively rich. (Very very few had a goal to be a billionaire or worth $100 million or more.)

2.) Good health. Lean and trim. Physical energy. To live a long time (over 80 years and maintain vibrant health all the way to the end).

3.) Happiness. Inner sense of peace, joy, and bliss. Serenity. Fulfillment. Satisfaction. Spiritual connection to GOD. The inner "void" filled with that "missing something". Emotional stability. The feeling of being loved, accepted, and understood.

Feeling wanted and needed. Feeling of having a calling or mission that is in alignment with who I really am and following that purpose.

It appears that almost everyone in the world wants: Wealth; Health: and Happiness.

All to various degrees.

Some want MEGA WEALTH, while others just want enough money to feel secure and have no desire to make millions.

Some want to live to be 120 years old with a body like a Greek God, while others just want their aches and pains to go away and be "relatively healthy".

Some want to be "happier" and be no longer depressed most of the time, while others want complete Enlightenment, SELF Realization and a complete spiritual transformation that gives them inner perpetual ecstasy.

Ask yourself now if these are the things YOU want...Wealth (to some degree); Health (at some level); and Happiness (to some extent).

You might also want the power and ability to manifest whatever you desire; to achieve your goals and dreams, whatever they are now and whatever new ones you might have in the future. This is actually an underlying "want" of people all over the world.

Let's now assume that you do in fact want all the things listed above. Then the question you should ask is:

 "Who do I listen to, or who do I follow that can help me achieve all the dreams and desires that are listed above? Is there such a Teacher, or Mentor, or Guide? Is there such a Master or Guru or Sage? Is there one such person, or do I need a "team"?

There ARE a few people living today that can teach you how to be all three: Wealthy, Healthy and Happy.

Perhaps you will need 3 separate people. One person to teach you how to be wealthy. Another how to be healthy. And yet another how to be "Happy".

Seek and you will find. Ask and it will be answered. Knock and the door will open.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

This is part 4 of this series. Part 5 and beyond will come soon.

Much love to everyone, with all my heart to your heart.

May you never be the same.

Your Friend,