Who Do You Listen To? Part 5

GuruKev Gives Further Crucial Points To Consider When Choosing The Person/Persons You Listen To

You know by now that listening to, following and learning from the right people is the first most important step if you want to achieve your goals and make your dreams come true.

Most people simply listen to the wrong people and get "bad" advice and direction. Thus, most people are "led astray", or pulled in the wrong direction, or sent down a "dead end" street, or in some cases even guided off a cliff!

Since the early 1970's I have read over 3000 books on the subjects of "Success"; The Law of Attraction; Manifesting your Desires; Making Money and Attaining Riches; Reaching Enlightenment and SELF Realization; Yoga; Meditation; Chi; Unleashing human potential; and the like.

This is in addition to hundreds of courses, seminars, workshops, private one on one trainings, audios, videos, and lectures on these subjects.

From the very start on this journey of exploration, my "Uncle" taught me the keys and methods of "Discernment".

When you have the skill of discernment, you can navigate through the mess of myths, false teachings, mistakes, errors, incomplete data, ego based opinions, and misunderstood data versus TRUTH.

Some of the vast amount of material I was exposed to contained TRUTH from an unbiased and relatively egoless author.

Much of that material is included in the recommended Book, Audio, Video and Course list.

Most ,however, of the material I was exposed to was full of  "the weeds".

There are ways to discern the "wheat from the chaff", or the TRUTH from OPINION.

1.) Over time, if you pay attention and have an awareness of what is going on in your internal and external world, you will have experienced TRUTH in action. You will have a sense of KNOWINGNESS as to what TRUTH is. From this place of experience and knowingness, what is true will "resonate" with your inner being, which is vibration and frequency.

Truth will "RING TRUE".

This is an accurate description as everything has a resonance, vibration or frequency. Thus truth will RING true, once your own "tuning fork" has been "tuned to truth".

2.) Something that is an opinion generated by the ego of the author will also "sound OFF".  It will "grate" you on the insides. It will not "feel right". The frequency and vibration of bad opinions will not match who you are.

Now this is different than having truth challenge your own ego's habits and past beliefs as to what it always THOUGHT was true.

Anytime you are being "asked to change your mind", you will resist. So be aware of the difference from simply resisting change, compared to hearing something that is simply "Untrue". There is a distinction.

Being able to discern the difference will come through trial and error. It can also come through specific training by a "Master". Seek one out and learn this vital skill. More accurately, release your ability to discern with expertise.

3.) BEWARE of the author or speaker who is using words like "I; me; my; mine" extremely often. It is coming from the ego and it is their opinion.

BEWARE of the author or speaker who often says things like "I call this...; my formula is...; my discovery is...; I created...; I named it...; I have always said...; I coined the phrase...; I like to say often...; my analogy that I love to use is....; etc.".

Everything is coming from the ego and it is only their opinions. They desire to be right and make others wrong. They are more concerned about being RIGHT than giving RIGHT data. They want the "credit". They are operating from fear as they need acknowledgment, affirmation and validation constantly.

As an example: I just read a NY Times bestselling book on "releasing human potential". The author must have used the phrase "I call it..." over a hundred times! Most of "his" terms and acronyms were copyrighted. All his charts were copyrighted. He is claiming everything as HIS, and HIS creations. HE is the SOURCE of everything. Beware of such authors. They are ego driven and express mostly opinions.

While much of what was in this particular book was very good, there was enough "out points" and "landmines" that a reader without an expertise in discernment could easily fall for the "sound good" advice and wonder years from now why they are still struggling to achieve success.

When you do find the person or people to "listen to", learn from and follow, don't just listen to what they say in their books or in their courses. Watch what they do in real life. More accurately, as you have already been taught, MIMIC and MODEL yourself after what they did before they achieved success.

Ideally, you want to DO what they did, act like they acted, speak like they spoke, and think like they thought, when they were just starting off and at the same place you are right now. THIS IS CRITICAL.

You DO want to MIMIC and MODEL success. But do not mimic and model someone's actions, speech and thoughts now that they are successful. Look at what they did, how they spoke and how they thought when they were where you are now.

You want to mimic their:



Speech patterns and the words they used

The way they thought

As the axiom states: Do what I DID, say what I SAID, think like I THOUGHT, and you will have what I have.


If you want to be successful in any area of endeavor, learn the material from someone who has what you want and has been where you are, GOOD ENOUGH SO THAT YOU CAN TEACH IT.

This means you really KNOW the material because you have internalized it. 
It is WHO YOU ARE, not WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT. (Read that sentence a few times before you go on.)

When you KNOW the material well enough to teach it, you really KNOW it.

The way you get to KNOW the material well enough to teach it, is to:

1.) Read about it, and listen to that person talk about it and teach it to you

2.) Watch that person DO it

3.) DO it yourself (IMPORTANT! You must do it yourself and prove it works in real life. You must EXPERIENCE IT firsthand.)

4.) Teach it!

All four points are CRITICAL.

Medical doctors and surgeons are told the way to learn something in the medical field is this: after they get all the class work and reading done on the subject they must See...Do...Teach.

They are instructed to See someone perform the surgery, then do the surgery themselves with someone watching them, and then teach it to others.

So now comes the contradiction.

If YOU want to learn something good enough to teach it, ultimately you have to teach it yourself BEFORE you truly KNOW it. 
The WAY you learn it good enough to teach it IS to teach it!

This appears to contradict a key point that has been hammered hard throughout this training...which is: DO NOT listen to someone who does not KNOW the information.

Now we are saying "YOU teach the material and get people to listen to you before you KNOW the material, because it is the ONLY way to really KNOW the information."

The explanation that resolves this apparent contradiction is this:

Do not present yourself as an expert to the public. Do not write a book or teach a seminar as your method of teaching what you are trying to master.

Rather, employ these two methods of teaching.

The first method was explained in detail in Mega Memory. You are to teach the material you are trying to master in your mind, using your imagination, to an imaginary "class".

In your mind's eye, imagine you are teaching a class the material you are trying to master. You are the professor, the teacher. As you teach the material, there will come a point where YOU yourself question what is being said. Perhaps you don't fully understand something you are "teaching" the imaginary students, or something you are saying is causing you doubt or confusion.

At this point, imagine in your mind, people in the class asking you questions about this. Then allow your mind to relax and search the Universal Field, and see if you can "figure it out" or "get the answer" from the ether.

If you do not know the answer, or if the answer does not come to you "from the ether", then tell your students you do not know, and you will find out and tell them. Dismiss the class and go find the answer. Then come back and continue.

In this way, you LEARN and integrate the material. You will find "holes" in what you thought you "knew". You will notice yourself saying something to your imaginary class, and you will doubt what you are saying is actually true and correct, thus you will get questioned from the class and you must correct your out point or have a cognition as to what the truth of what you are teaching actually is.

This is how "Masters" learn. They "talk to themselves" and ask themselves questions. They also talk to the members of their "Imaginary Councils" and "Ascended Masters" who give them the answers. This might sound crazy, but this is what Einstein, Ford, Carnegie, Edison and many of today's Billionaires do on a regular basis.

The second method is to teach what you are trying to master to those close to you, but not in the "I am an expert, so I am teaching you" sort of way.

Rather your intention should be "I am still learning this material, let me SHARE with you what I THINK I know about it and together, we can learn more about this at a much deeper level as we discover things along the way."

When you employ these methods of "teaching" you are practicing "Listening to your inner voice", your intuition, your instincts. These teaching methods have many additional benefits that will be revealed in future training memos.

Lastly, the question that must be answered is this:

Let's assume you want to "get rich". You find the perfect person who meets all the criteria to listen to. They have what you want. They are rich and have the lifestyle you desperately desire. They also started exactly where you are starting now.

BUT, that person is miserable. They are unhappy and depressed. Their marriage is a mess. Their kids are a mess. One is a drug addict, another committed suicide, and the other child is fully grown, but will not have anything to do with mom and dad, and will not even talk to them.

The person's health is a mess as well. His life seems a disaster. BUT he is rich! He has want I want...riches.

What do you do?!

Answer: If you listen to them about money, they will teach you how to make money, because they KNOW. They meet all the criteria listed for who you listen to.

However, if you follow their advice, you will more than likely get everything else that they have as well. In cases like this, it is very hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Be selective when choosing who to listen to. Look at their lives now and ask yourself if that is what you want your life to be.

A wise man told me, "As you are choosing what career to follow and what to do for your life's work, simply find several people who chose that same career 30 years ago, and study their lives today. Ask yourself if that is the life you want, because that will be your life if you choose that career."

If you want riches, there are plenty of people who also meet all the criteria when it comes to who do you listen to in this area of "making money", but who are also in great health, who have wonderful kids, and have wonderful relationships. While their lives may not have been "perfect" and without some ups and downs, generally speaking, they have lived and are living a wonderful, glorious life of joy and happiness because they are following their purpose.

They are doing what they love to do and what they are good at doing. They are in their sweet spot. Listen to these people. Attach yourself to that kind of person. Learn from them. Mimic and model them.

There is much more to this. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Part 6 of this series will follow.

Apply this knowledge and watch the magic happen in your life. You will not only see the difference with improvements in your external conditions, but you will feel major shifts and improvements in your internal state.

Much love to you all with all my heart.

Your friend,