Who should buy a 1 week a year "Fraction" of a Residence (a "Block") on the SHIP and why?

A CLUB member will buy a 1 week a year “Fraction” on the SHIP (or more weeks) every year for 50 years, because they do not want to live on the SHIP full time, but still want to “vacation” on the SHIP for 1 or more weeks a year, every year, and “lock in” the lowest cost possible, as well as gain all the other benefits of being a “Fractional Residential Owner”. 

A buyer will view a “Fractional” purchase as the best “vacation” deal available anywhere with a per night rate “locked in” for 50 years at approximately $100 per night. That is simply an “unheard of” low price for a 5 Star Luxury Cruise vacation. 

Owning a “Block” means that the “$100 per night locked in price” is the total ALL INCLUSIVE price. You pay absolutely nothing more for your Fraction of a Residence. No maintenance fees. No taxes. No port fees. No fees of any kind, ever.

Almost everything on the SHIP is absolutely free and is included.

A person would see owning a 1 week “Fraction” of a Residence as a tremendous investment, as the “Block” is transferable, sellable and potentially an appreciating asset.

Owning a “Block” or Fraction of a Residence simply is an extremely smart financial decision. It allows you to go on a First Class vacation, on a 5-Star Cruise Ship, in different exotic locations throughout the world every year for pennies on the dollar, compared to buying a vacation as you normally would every year. 

Research shows that “normal” international 7 day vacations cost at least $7500 for 2 people. That is the LOW end. The average price is even higher. And the price for a 5-Star, First Class resort would be even higher still.

The $7500 low estimate price will go up each year as inflation and other costs rise. If a person and their companion actually took an international vacation each year for the next 10 years, you would spend AT LEAST $75,000. 

And for that money, your vacation would not be anywhere as spectacular as it would be vacationing on FREEDOM. 

Fractional Owners therefore are getting international vacations for a fraction of what it normally costs. 

Members will buy a Fractional Block mainly because it is the vacation deal of a lifetime. 

It is simply the best value for your money anywhere. 

Consider it this way. Would you make a one-time payment of $500 to be able to drive a brand new Rolls Royce for one week every year for the next 10 years? Think about this. All you have to pay going forward is the gas. You get to drive a brand new $500,000 Rolls Royce for one full week, every year for the next 10 years, and it only costs you a one-time payment of $500. That comes out to effectively “renting the Rolls” for just $50 a week! That is a deal you cannot refuse. 

Buying a one week “Fractional Block” on FREEDOM is the same idea.

And, consider that as a Fractional Owner, you may be able to sell your Fractional Block for potentially MORE than what you paid. This means if you sold your Block 10 years from now, not only would you have had all your vacations on FREEDOM for FREE for the last 10 years, but you may even make money when you sell your “Block”. You could get back all the money you paid for your Block plus a profit. 

Owning a Fractional Block could be a very intelligent financial decision.

(Of course there are no guarantees that there will be a buyer for your Fractional Block, and no guarantees that the value of your Fractional Block will go up. There may not be buyers interested in purchasing your Block and if there are, the value may decrease.)