Who should buy a Residence on the ship FREEDOM and why?

A Club member, couple or family will buy a Residence on FREEDOM because they want “A Better Life” as described above. 

Some people will want to reside full time on FREEDOM because they are tired of the “rat race” or tired of feeling like they always have to “keep up with the Joneses”.

Some people who choose to live on FREEDOM full time are those that realize that “something is missing” and their current life is no longer in alignment with who they are. 

The SHIP may attract as permanent Residents people who know “there is something more to life”, but don’t know exactly what it is, and thus feel FREEDOM will be a place to find what they are looking for.

The SHIP is for people who want more of what is “really important” in life, and who put health, and happiness above attaining material possessions.

The SHIP may appeal to people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired and ready for a new “Better Life”.

The SHIP will also be for people who love everything in their life right now, but just want an exciting “lifestyle change” and feel “pulled” to live and work on FREEDOM. 

The SHIP is for people who want to live a life of fulfillment and satisfaction surrounded by like-minded, positive, wellness oriented, supportive people who also want more out of life and people who want the absolute best life has to offer.

Many will reside on FREEDOM because they want to live the carefree lifestyle of the “Rich and Famous”, while at the same time be in a healthy wholesome environment that promotes “goodness and balance” in every area of life.

Many will want to live on FREEDOM because they see the financial benefits of living and working on the ship. They see clearly that it simply costs less to live on the ship then it does on land since virtually everything is included free for Residents. When you live on the ship, the only things you have to pay for are your clothes, restaurants/alcohol, and specialty spa treatments. 

EVERYTHING else is FREE. You have NO bills or expenses when you are a resident on the ship. 

Living on FREEDOM is totally stress free.

Other people will buy a Residence on the SHIP because they think it is a good investment and will increase in value. 

Some will buy a Residence on the SHIP because they want it as a future retirement home.

There are many more reasons people will buy a Residence on FREEDOM and/or choose to live and/or work on FREEDOM.

Living full time on FREEDOM is not for everyone. But it might be for you. 

If you feel it is, investigate and get more details.