Why does the CLUB need to have a ship like this?

The SHIP will be a floating “Clubhouse” that travels around the world. In this way, members from around the world get to experience, as a free benefit of CLUB Membership, the magnificence of FREEDOM. When FREEDOM comes into port, Members from the area can come on board and attend meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops. Members can meet other members from around the world and develop lifelong friendships. 

This will encourage hundreds of thousands of people around the world to want to be a member in The CLUB.

The SHIP in this way provides an invaluable experience for Members. Being on FREEDOM even for just a few hours, can raise a person’s vibration and be a life changing event. FREEDOM is a place for members to recharge, learn, grow, and awaken their inner motivation and drive. It is a place where Members will get inspired. It will be a Member “sanctuary” of safety, peace and comfort.

The SHIP will provide “Welcome New Member Cruises” for new CLUB members. 

When a person joins the CLUB they will get an all expense paid cruise on FREEDOM. Several times a year, the ship will have cruises for ONLY new Members (with a percentage of current Members to act as hosts and welcome the new Members into the club). 

When a Member upgrades to the next Membership level, they will also get a free all expense paid cruise on FREEDOM where they can take the next level of training in whole or in part, or just enjoy a fun vacation. 

The SHIP also provides “SHIP ONLY Training” and all the “UPPER Level CLUB Training” will be delivered on the SHIP. The reason for this is 2 fold. 

1.) Being on the SHIP allows a distraction free environment for Members who are doing SHIP ONLY training. It is the perfect and ideal place to “learn”, grow, and transform. There is a feeling of ultimate safety, security, peace and comfort. The SHIP is a totally stress free, drama free environment.

2.) There will be an energy on the SHIP that will be unlike anything that can be duplicated on land. The energy is generated from 5 areas:

a.) Everyone on the SHIP is a CLUB member, thus already vibrating at a higher frequency than the general population. When many “high Vibration people” are in the same space, there is not only a cumulative effect of that energy, there is an exponential increase in the “power”, strength and intensity of the “energy or frequency or vibration”. Thus the entire ship is at a highly magnified and intense frequency that is stronger than has ever been produced before in a single “place”. 

b.) The SHIP itself will be built by using specific materials that have energy infused in them, as well as using Vastu, Fung Shui, and Sacred Geometric methods of aligning the energy flow and making the SHIP itself a vortex of “power” and the highest frequencies and vibrations.

c.) When the SHIP is at sea, the salt water creates a “cleansing” energy that wipes out “all negative attractor fields”. The “energy” around and in the SHIP will be extremely “clear”. Thus those on the ship are more capable of experiencing tremendous growth at an energetic level. This creates personal transformation faster and deeper than ever before. People on FREEDOM will experience full “Transmutation”.

d.) There are more energetic “vortexes” over certain places over the oceans than there are on land (Sedona AZ, for example is an area where there are several known energy vortexes). The vortexes over the oceans are also more powerful than any of those that are on land. Thus the SHIP picks up this energy, accumulates this “energy” and carries it with it permanently,  making the SHIP a one of a kind, source of “energy” and vibrations at the highest most powerful levels.

e.) On the SHIP will be at least 1 “Enlightened Master”, or SELF Realized being. Such a person has a frequency and vibration that is extremely high. This has been scientifically proven (see Dr. Hawkins research). Being in the presence of such a person is in itself permanently life changing. Everything this person touches and is around transforms. The energy of everything this person touches rises and is lifted, the vibration increases, and the frequency becomes higher and stronger. Everything they come in contact with picks up their “energy” or vibration and in turn becomes a “source of power and transformation”. Thus the entire SHIP will be permeated with the Enlightened Master’s “energy”, creating a place for the Ultimate in learning, personal and spiritual growth, and complete inner transformation on all levels and all dimensions. 

The SHIP will be the only place where certain training can be delivered because it will be the only place where this high level training will actually “work”. The SHIP will be a place were more “old karma”, energetic blocks, and trapped encapsulated negative energy can be released in a person. Thus the SHIP will be a place for MIRACLES in every area of a person’s life.

The CLUB’s mission is to help improve the quality of life and standard of living of all people on the planet. The SHIP will be instrumental in achieving this goal. The SHIP itself, full of high vibration passengers and crew, will put out the most powerful and highest frequency and vibration the planet has ever seen. As the SHIP travels around the world, this magnified source of high (love) frequency will positively impact people everywhere the SHIP travels. People will “feel the love” when FREEDOM pulls into port. The local communities will be “lifted up” energetically. And when FREEDOM travels over key “ley lines”, that frequency will travel all over the world. 

When the SHIP is in various ports, CLUB Members and SHIP passengers can participate in “Giving Back” if they choose. We will organize groups to help feed the local poor, and share books and other material with the local people to help teach them about the power of the Law of Attraction and various things they can do to improve the quality of their lives. 

This is why the CLUB needs the SHIP.