Why Flowers?

Learn About The Meaning Of Flowers, What They Attract And Emit

Go online and look at pictures of spiritual “Gurus” such as Baba Muktananda, Gurumayi, Sai Baba, Bade Baba Nityananda, Rashneesh, Sai Maa, Yogananda or others. You will notice that the majority of the times when they are “lecturing” or “speaking” in a public forum, or “teaching”, that they are actually sitting and not standing, and they are surrounded by flowers. Many times, flowers are draped all over them. 

This may initially appear unusual or odd. It may look to westerns specifically as being strange, or weird, or cultish. 

I will address the reasons “sitting” is so common among these spiritual leaders in another Lesson. 

Let’s talk about the “Flowers”.

If you actually looked at some pictures of “Gurus”, being surrounded and covered with so many flowers my seem bizarre. 

However, consider that in Hawaii and many other cultures, a proper “greeting” is to put a string of flowers around your neck, or to hand you flowers as a gift. This is an extremely common custom worldwide.

Even in America, the common custom used to be to bring flowers when going to visit someone at their home. 

A man going to pick up a woman he was courting would always bring flowers. 

Men in America and around the western world would wear a flower in the button hole of their suit jacket. 

Women wear flowers in the hair still to this day. 

In today’s modern times, when going to the High School Prom in America, the man still always brings a corsage consisting of a flower, usually an orchid and presents it to his date.

Consider also that flowers are what is almost always given to those that are sick. 

Flowers are also presented when someone dies. 

Think about the use of flowers in customary ways, ceremonies, to “brighten someone’s day”, and to “beautify” an area you wish to bring beauty to.

There is a reason that flowers are used in these ways.

Flowers attract positive energy. They attract high vibrations and frequencies that are in fact “healing frequencies”. 

Flowers attract the essence and vibration of love. 

Flowers raise vibration, frequency and consciousness to all that are in their presence. 

Flowers open your “chakras” and help you connect to the ether and the Universal Field. 

Flowers emit the frequency of “love”.

Healers, seers, saints, psychics, spiritual masters, and “Gurus” all sit surrounded by flowers, and are many times covered with flowers because the flowers raise their vibration even higher, allowing them to be a conduit and “channel” of information from the Universal Field of All Knowing. 

Flowers help one experience “oneness with the Universe” and “oneness with everyone and everything”. 

Flowers help you resonate “love”, vibrate in the frequency of love, and thus “be” love. 

Consider having more real flowers around you in your home, your office, in your car and any place you spend a lot of time. 

Consider also engaging once again in the age old custom of giving flowers to people when you go to visit them. 

Sharing flowers, is sharing love. 

Love and light to you my friends. 

I will meet you soon in the space between thoughts.