Why is living and working on FREEDOM "A Better Life"?

The SHIP will provide a living, working and vacationing environment that is “better” than anything you have ever dreamed of or imagined. 

Everyone on the SHIP will work, live or vacation with Kevin, just like Kevin does. Those who have seen first hand how Kevin has lived his life have called the experience living with “The KT Factor”.

The “KT Factor” means everything in Kevin’s “world” is better than the best, and more glorious than one could ever imagine. 

Everything is better that First Class. 

Everything is grander than Grand Class. 

Everything is finer and more opulent that World Class. 

Everything is even beyond Royal Class. 

FREEDOM is the world where the “KT Factor” reigns supreme. 

The “KT Factor” mostly means that everything is FUN and that life truly has meaning and purpose. 

The “KT Factor” means that life is fulfilling and satisfying, and that one has inner peace, joy and bliss.

The “KT Factor” is living “A Better Life” than you have ever experienced or imagined. 

And it CAN be yours!

On the SHIP you will sleep on the finest mattress, on the most luxurious sheets, with the world’s greatest pillow, all that have been cleaned and pressed by your personal maid.

You wake with the programmed sounds of chirping birds and a special full spectrum lighting system that slowly brings the room into full brightness, just like the rising sun. It is the perfect healthiest way to be awakened from the best sleep of your life. 

Your personally selected affirmations play automatically as you are still in your Alpha brain wave state, “programming you for success, health, and happiness”. 

You shower in the cleanest, purest filtered, energized water that can be produced. 

All your personal care and hair care items are 100% organic and are all complementary. 

Your clothes have been cleaned, pressed and put away by your personal valet and butler. 

When you leave your room, there is no traffic to deal with or bad weather. Everything in your life now is within walking distance. Everyone you meet throughout the day is a fellow CLUB member. Everyone has a smile and greets each other with love and respect. Joy fills the SHIP. Everyone knows your name, and you know everyone by name as well. You are not just surrounded by staff and fellow passengers who are friends, but everyone feels like family. 

The finest teas, coffee, fresh juices made right in front of you are always available, as is the purest water. 

Positivity and the most amazing “energy” permeates the entire SHIP. You feel like you are bathing in pure love and light, the elixir of bliss.

There are dozens of exercise and yoga classes throughout the day, and all are free. Enjoy classes such as tai chi; chi gong; stretching; dancing; aerobics; strength training; High Intensity Workouts; Crossfit; many kinds of yoga; meditation; and much more.

Your work, if you are choosing to work on the ship, is fulfilling and satisfying. You are doing what you love and love what you are doing. You love the people that you work with, and they love working with you. 

You are living a life with “meaning” and purpose. You feel like you are fulfilling your “mission in life”. You are doing something that you are proud of and you are doing “something good” for others. You know you are contributing to something bigger than you. You are recognized for your contribution. You are appreciated, respected and loved.

Your life truly does have “meaning”. 

All your work clothes are provided free of charge, and are cleaned and pressed complementary. 

The food provided is better than you have ever eaten in your life. It is fresh, pure, organic, delicious, and healthy. 

There are no distractions or “negative” things to “tempt you”. You never feel bored or “tired”. You are invigorated, motivated, and inspired. You socialize more than ever before with wonderful friends from all over the world. You love your life and love waking up in the morning. 

You will no longer just “sit in front a TV like a vegetable” like you have done most of your life. You will not be “addicted” to your smartphone. You will actually be “living the life of your dreams” with the most amazing friends you have ever had. 

There will be so many options everyday that will stimulate you such as:

– lectures, hobby craft, leather craft, music lessons, language lessons, singing lessons, spiritual practices, good clean fun and entertainment of all kinds, spectacular shows and theater productions, concerts, educational opportunities, CLUB Training, Bridge and other cards games, chess and other board games, Golf Simulators, Tennis, cooking classes, and so much more. 

Everything is within a 5-15 minute walk. No traffic to deal with. No long commutes. You will walk more than you probably ever have and feel better physically than ever. Physically moving is great medicine for body, mind and spirit.

No “stinking thinkers”, “dream stealers” or “negative Nancy’s” to deal with. You love the people you live and work with, and they love you.

Living on FREEDOM is like living in a small utopian village where everything is free and everything is better than First Class. 

There will be over 30 world class restaurants to choose from, from quick delicious healthy meals, homemade pizza cooked 100% in the Italian way with all the ingredients from Italy, vegetarian specialties that are divine to the taste, to 5 Star Restaurants. Any kind of food you can imagine is available and all of it is of the absolute highest quality you have ever experienced. 

You will live and work in a healthy, positive, upbeat, drug free, smoke free, fast food free “village” where everyone is smiling, happy, and supportive. Everyone will know your name. 

You will have no bills, no stress, and no dramas to deal with.

Almost everything on the ship is free.  That includes free access to the finest medical and dental care in the world, including “Alternative and Natural” healing modalities. 

And you get to travel the world and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous, only better!

Those who are living on the SHIP no longer are in the “rat race” of normal life.

You will live like a Billionaire, but living on the SHIP will actually cost you less than living and owning a home on land. 

Living and working on FREEDOM will be a dream come true.

FREEDOM clearly will give you “A Better Life”.