Will I get bored on FREEDOM and how will I meet new friends?

It will be impossible to be “bored” on FREEDOM. Every minute of the day and night there will be dozens of activities you could be doing, including just sitting and visiting with new friends. 

The Cruise Activities Coordinators will design programs so that passengers will always have “something fun and exciting” to do with other like-minded passengers. This will provide opportunities for people always “being put together” if they want to meet other passengers and make new friends. Within the first few hours of being on the SHIP, at the “Welcome New Passengers” Party, the Directors will have activities planned that will, in a very fun way, get people to meet and know each other right away. 

At dining times, simply sign in under “I want to meet new friends”, and you will automatically be set up to dine with other passengers who also “want to meet new friends”. It will be easy and fun to meet new people and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.