Learn About The Power Of Words And How They (can) Influence Your Life

Your words are very powerful. The words you use create the world you experience. Think about what you say.

Today, focus on paying attention to every word that comes out of your mouth. Notice how negative you speak! Notice who you say the same phrases all the time. You have patterns of speech, habits of using the same words and phrases, and you are generally not even aware of the words you say.

Notice what you are saying almost subconsciously. You speak most of the time on autopilot. Pay attention. Then, focus, be aware, and be conscious of the words you use.

Decide to speak positively and with intention and purpose. Remember the old saying "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all!" 

Be the person that everyone knows always says only positive things with a smile on his face! Then watch your world improve in every way.

You are loved.