Yet Another Death Of A Friend

A Tribute To GuruKev's Close Friend Marry Miller And The Meaning Of Transition - A Message Of Joy

Dear friends, there must be something very good going on in "Heaven", because so many people I know are going there. I have yet another "death" announcement to make. Someone else has "kicked the bucket" and "transitioned" to the higher dimension. Since I have been incarcerated, over 30 very close friends and family members have "died", including my mom and dad. Some time ago one of my closest friends, Mary Miller, passed away suddenly.

Many of you have met Mary and used her healing instruments. Mary came to visit me very regularly. We talked several times a week via email. Mary was always smiling and laughing. She was a treasure to me. A beautiful human being and a genius. Many times we would get together and talk about everything and nothing for hours. Mary was never afraid of "death". 

We talked about it often over the years as so many of my loved ones have died. She knew that a person never dies, they just "drop their body". Mary always told me that everyone could do more on the "other side" than they could do here. She said that when the person was really needed to help others on earth and could do nothing more in a physical body to help those in need, that was one of the main factors that determined their passing. 

I believe that Mary did all she was destined to do on earth and she needed to transition in order to complete her work and really help other people. I know I will be "hearing from Mary" very soon. I know that many of you will be hearing from her too. She will continue her extraordinary work from her new place without any limits. To Mary, "We all love you Mary. While we will miss your physical presence, if we are open, we will experience your divinity more now than ever before. 

Your friend always,