You Have A Choice

GuruKev Tells Us That We Are Always Having A Choice In Life To Decide To See The One Side Of The Story Or The Other. Learn How To Do That Making The Best Out Of It

Are you living in Heaven or Hell? It really is your perception and your choice as how you “frame” it and what you are focused on. If you read my past posts (and I hope you have read all of them), I talk about all the positive aspects of prison! LOL! 

For me, this is simply a habit as I always look for the good, the gold, the positive aspects in everything and all the things to be grateful and thankful for. This way I am almost ALWAYS feeling GOOD!

I could very easily do the opposite and tell you all the horrible things about being in prison.

Examples… loss of freedom, not being able to see my family and friends, not being able to see or hold my dog, not being able to go outside and get fresh air, terrible food, a small uncomfortable bed with no pillow, whole body strip searches, being locked in a cell every day for various periods of time, bad instant coffee, sitting wondering if I will ever be able to see my parents alive again as I am facing 20 plus years! 

This list could go on and on and on. But the fact remains. I AM IN PRISON. So, I have a choice, I can be in prison and be miserable and feel horrible, sad, depressed, fearful etc… or I can be in prison and feel happiness, joy, positive expectation for the future, peace, bliss. The choice is MINE.

Victor Frankl survived a Nazi concentration camp. In his book, Man’s Search For Meaning, he said, no one can ever take away man’s ability to choose how he feels. You always have the POWER to control your feelings, which means you always have the power to control your life! Choose wisely!

Love to you all!