You Want The Things?

This Lesson Talks About The Choices You Have In Life To Go The One Path Or The Other. Be Aware You Can Always Change The Road You Are On

So, you want more material things in your life right? Most of you do. Most of you do not fully realize you really just want bliss, happiness, peace, contentment etc. And you think the money, cars, boats, etc. are the ONLY way to be truly satisfied, fulfilled, content, blissful etc. 

You are afraid that if you seek happiness, you will NOT get the material things you seek. Thus you seek material things and even if you get them, you will find that bliss, happiness, peace etc. actually elude you! Here is the big fork in the road of life. If you look at very materially successful people, those who have lots of money, say those who have 300 million USD or more, the true fact is for the vast majority, they are NOT forgiving, loving, peaceful people (Even if they are NOW, they were NOT when they were MAKING all the money). They are truly NOT blissful and content. Their health is poor. Their relationships are poor. They have money, but little else, and they are constantly seeking more money and POWER and CONTROL over others because they think if they get JUST a little more, they will get what they are deeply seeking…that elusive “feeling”…that “something”…acceptance, peace, contentment, fulfillment, bliss etc. But they never find it. A multi-billionaire was asked how much money does he really need… just like any “addict”, he said…” just a little more”.

I tell you this because you do have a choice. You can follow the path of love and forgiveness, which will lead to bliss AND give you ALL the material things you desire, or you can follow the most common road to riches…which is to seek riches above all else. They BOTH lead to material wealth. You CAN be a mean, hateful, angry, critical, condemning, judgmental, non-forgiving, revengeful person and achieve massive wealth. Many who have wealth are just like that. Or you can follow a path of love, forgiveness, understanding, acceptance and peace. 

You have a choice. In the Success Mastery Course of GIN you will be shown BOTH paths to riches and wealth… and the ONE and ONLY path to peace, bliss and happiness. You can choose your road. And, fear not, you can always, in an instant, change the road you are on! I have given you a lot of information about forgiving everyone, even those who torture you. And of course, forgiving yourself. And going beyond forgiving, to complete understanding of the perfection of everything. I am giving you the secrets to being 100% happy and levels you could not even imagine.

Much love!