You Want Things To Be Different

Here GuruKev Questions The Reader What The Real Desire For One Person Is And How To Attain It

Most people want things in their life to be different. They have desires they want to attain and achieve. They want conditions to change. They want material things, health, money, better relationships, status, recognition, to be liked, admired and respected, and to be understood (and this list could go on and on). 

Very few people think of attaining: enlightenment; self-realization; complete and total consciousness and awareness or self-mastery. Those words mean nothing to most people. 

But if you are reading this, ask yourself if it is true that you DO truly desire to have the following kinds of feelings permeating within you constantly: inner joy; peace; happiness; satisfaction; fulfillment; contentment; acceptance; ecstasy and bliss; a sense of total certainty, confidence and knowingness; absolute understanding; harmony; equanimity; the feeling of being totally and completely loved without exception and without any condition. You can have these inner "feelings".

These words do not come close to describing the magnificence of this magical "inner state" that comes with "attainment of enlightenment". No physical sense of pleasure in life even comes close or compares to this inner state. This state cannot be described in words. It is ineffable. It can only be experienced. 

It goes beyond anything the human mind can comprehend or imagine, because it is beyond the human mind. And the wonderful thing is, when you have this state, you can manifest in the material world whatever you desire with ease. You can be, do and have whatever you desire. You can create your dreams easily. Your wish becomes your command. Your inner experience of every moment in life is beyond wonderful and magnificent.  You never suffer!

I teach you how to achieve this state in The Science of Personal Mastery Course.

Much love,