Your “Demons”

In This Lesson GuruKev Teaches You How To Handle Your "Inner" Demons

Most people have "demons" they deal with. These "demons" are other people living in ways that you do not like. You think, "If only they would act differently, then I would be happy."
Think about this story. Andrew Carnegie used to go into a room, lock the door, shut off the lights, and do what he called "hard thinking".

Effectively, he was meditating. He was opening his mind, stilling and calming his mind, and allowing the "subconscious" as he put it, to give him answers and direction. 

Others would call this contemplation, mindfulness or even prayer. He tells the story of one time going into the room and being annoyed with "inner voices", nonstop random thoughts, "demons" as he called them, disturbing his peace.

First he decided to "talk to them", lecture them, teach them, preach to them, and tell them how they should act. But nothing changed. 

Then he decided to ignore them. He tried this for hours, but they persisted. He finally gave up. He felt totally defeated by these demons.

He solemnly said to them, "I guess you are who you are, and you will persist no matter what I do. But I am not leaving this room, so I accept that we will both have to share this room". With that "acceptance", Carnegie stopped resisting. He stopped fighting.

He stopped trying to "change" the demons. With that, he said, they began to stop annoying him and disturbing his peace, and they simply left the room, leaving Carnegie all alone.

Whatever you resist in life persists. Be in a state of "allowing", go with the flow, stop swimming upstream. Life is for laughing, loving and living! So keep smiling and don't sweat the small stuff (and remember, it is ALL small stuff).

Much love,