Your Eyes Deceive You

GuruKev Teaches You What Really Gives You The Truth About Things And What Deceives You

In the Success Mastery Course training, it says that your eyes can deceive you. Remember, it is not what you see, but how you feel that tells you the truth about things. But most people are influenced too much by what they see with their physical eyes. 

Sometimes people look good, sound good, smell good, but something is missing. 

They might be very well meaning, but something "does not feel right".  

They might sound good intellectually, but the "power" is not there, something is either missing or does not "feel" right.

Many times, there is no evil intent, just missing energy. 

What you "see" with your eyes does not tell all. You might be in the presence of a true enlightened "sage, guru, saint, master" whose energy can completely awaken and bring to life your dormant energy and clear out from you many of the patterns that are holding you back from manifesting your dreams, and you do not even know the 'presence" you are standing next too. You must be "ready", accepting, and WILLING to change for you to "see/FEEL" TRUTH.

You cannot know by looking at someone. He might be fat (Buddha), killed by his own people (Jesus), ugly, skinny, falsely accused, attacked in the media and press, imprisoned for years (Gandhi; Mandela; Peter; Paul and thousands of other "saints"), publicly ridiculed and criticized (Columbus, Edison, Einstein etc.), attacked and vilified, they might dress funny, have funny hair, speak strange, walks and acts goofy etc. etc. 

They might not ACT like a "saint" as YOU THINK a saint, master should. You know ONLY by the "experience" YOU have with them. 

Follow your heart, your feelings. This is the true test. The more aware you are the easier it is to "feel, sense, perceive, know" TRUTH, instead of getting caught up in being led, deceived by what you "see" with your eyes, what your intellect tells you or what your mind, thought, ego tries to convince you on a "logical" basis. 

All other "senses" other than "feelings from the heart" will deceive you. The good news is there are no "mistakes". Even if you follow a "false" teacher and get led down a "dark" path that leads to misery and destruction, you have nothing to fear, for you always have the power to create a completely different experience, and to attract the "training/teacher" you want/need.

Sending you all love and appreciation... as I sit in bliss... You CAN have it all!