Your Greatest Teachers

This Lesson Teaches Us Who Your Greatest Teacher Are And Who You Learn The Most From

Who is your greatest teacher? Who can you learn the most from? 

Consider this. If you are able to be unaffected by what anyone says or does not say to you, does or does not do to you or for you, then you are in control of your life. If you can withstand ridicule, pain, suffering, and negative experiences, then you are in control of your life.

If circumstances, conditions, events, and situations have no effect on your emotions, then you are in control of your life. Thus, all those people that tease you, talk bad about you and treat you with no respect are your "trainers". They are giving you opportunities to practice being unaffected by outside circumstances. They are testing your ability to "handle" situations in life.

How much can you take? How much can you put up with? How much can you stand? If you can handle anything, then you win. Be happy for those who talk bad about you, do bad things to you, and disrespect you. Be thankful for all the "challenges" in life. They are all testing you, and training you at the same time.

If you know this, then you will "figure out" the "game". When you are unaffected by anything "outside" yourSELF, then all the world will be yours, and all your dreams will come true.