Your Unique Path

GuruKev Talks About The Unique Path/Journey Everybody Is On And How To Live Freely Without Any Judgements

All of you are each on your own unique path/journey. You all are vibrating at different awareness levels. There are not good and bad awareness levels. They simply are all different. 

Some of you are on a very "physical body" awareness level with strong desires for things relating to the body: muscles, energy, weight, how you look, sex, food, and all bodily sensation pleasures. 

Others are more attuned to money and material possessions: cars, houses, jewelry, and the "trappings" of money and wealth. 

Some have other frequencies, levels, and attractor fields (your primary desires) that might include: power; control; freedom; stability; security; family; social life; intellectual stimulation; creativity in various forms like arts and music; creating things; fame; acceptance; status; spiritual enlightenment and being happy. 

There are many "levels" a person might be at. Our “levels and vibrations" can change from time to time. They can go back and forth. When you read a book or read one of these messages, you might "resonate" with the message or not, depending on where you are at in terms of YOUR frequency (awareness). 

If you read a book, or one of these messages, or listen to a speaker and you do not relate to it, do not like it, feel turned off by it, KNOW that SOMEONE actually LOVES it and it will positively impact THEIR life! Because the message is tuned into THEIR vibration or frequency level. 

If your level is on money and material things, when you hear about love or spirituality or enlightenment, you might actually get angry, thinking... I want money to pay my bills, who cares about enlightenment when your bills are late! Or, when someone else hears a message that talks about making money, (which resonates with YOU), they might think, who cares about money, there are more important things than just materialism! KNOW and understand that all of us are on different frequency channels... respect the other person's channel (desires). There are no right and wrong channels (desires). 

Step back and see the bigger picture and wider perspective. Understanding and compassion and acceptance are helpful if you want to "see". No matter what frequency you vibrate on or what channel you are tuned into (desires you have), if you ask yourself "why do I want this"? and keep asking will end up with a desire to have  certain "feelings". Seeing this will release more of your potential and power than you can imagine.

Judge not, lest you not be judged. Allow others to have the desires they want without judgment, condemnation or criticism. LOVE and embrace YOUR desires and want and dreams, whatever they are.

Acquiring money or material things is actually one of the easiest desires to obtain. If you want lots of money...go for it! Be as rich as you desire! Just like getting in great shape and getting the weight and body you want, making money is actually easy! (I know YOU don't think so! And THAT is what is stopping you from having it... your own belief!). 

Think of this, 100% of the people who want a great body or perfect weight can achieve it, all they have to do, is do the right things, long enough consistently. If anyone went to a "fat farm" for 6 months, everyone would lose weight and get in great shape! (as they would be eating a lot less of only the right foods and exercising). It works 100% of the time. The only issue is how to get you to actually DO IT. 

The answer is, all the training is available to you in the Success Mastery Course, and the books I have recommended. You can do anything. You CAN have it all. You ARE magnificent right now! Go for your dreams! 

Much love,