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7 thoughts on “GuruKev

  1. Hola YO SOY Victor Alvarez de Floridablanca Colombia, pertenezco a una comunidad llamada Wealt Family donde me entere de los audios de Kevin y donde todos os días se estudian sus audios de Su deseo es su mandato.
    En esta oportunidad quero desearle a Kevin UN MUY pero MUY FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!
    En Nuestra comunidad deseamos que en algún momento podamos contar con su presencia.

  2. I first found out about Kevin through his youtube videos, “Your Wish Is Your Command”. Ever since then I have locked into his teachings and also his story. I thank him for the information he revealed to us and I am anticipating an epic return to the scene. I plan to continue to learn from help and also to work with him and achieving the bigger goals in life.

  3. Cómo bien dice Kevin, todos pasamos por situaciones entre mas grandes mas grande será lo que viene, creo que ahora muchos que hemos aprendido de las enseñanzas que nos compartiste esperamos que pronto salgas y vuelvas renovado a compartir con millones de personas.

  4. I just checked out your book “Natural Cures”at our local library. Before that I had never heard of you.
    I believe you are innocent and will pray for your release.
    Thank you for facing the giant liars and writing the book.
    God bless you.
    Sonja Rowe

    1. Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, and then you believe it to be true. Every dream could be realized by those self disciplined enough to believe it. NG Thank You Kevin xo

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