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A “Real Guru” can help you make all your dreams come true, in EVERY area of your life.

A “Genuine Guru” can give you that “something” that has been always missing in your life.

An “Authentic Guru” can reveal that “missing piece within” that you always knew has been missing, yet you cannot describe.

A fully Enlightened Spiritual Master can take you from darkness to light. That is the definition of the word “Guru”.


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I’ve Become A New Person

“I am happier, healthier, I am receiving fabulous vibes from the Universe, people, circumstances and events. Everything is going so well for me. And I highly recommend everyone to follow GuruKev’s path and start this wonderful journey with us. May you never the same.”

Feeling connected

“Reading these Guru Kev lessons brings to me a deep sense of connection to Source. The love and energy in these lessons is very real and tangible. Thank you GuruKev!”
-Bryan K

Develop Good Habits

“Since applying GuruKev’s lesson on ‘habits’, I’ve been able to develop a daily exercise regime to get more fit. Coming from a guy that barely did 20 seconds of running, this is a massive improvement! GuruKev’s lessons are enlightening yet very practical.”
-Kevin Tan

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