Ask and it is Given

If there was a Bible for those of you who listen to my audios, it would be the book, Ask and it is Given. 

Being here, I have the amazing opportunity to spend most of my day reading and actually DOING the processes in that book! 

We all make excuses, me included, as to why we do not actually DO the processes in the book, Ask and it is Given. We say…I don’t need that…I will do it tomorrow. I don’t have time right now….etc…

I can tell you….when you actually DO them…MAGIC happens! 

I am sooo blessed to have created the perfect situation for ME to have the time to read, study, do the processes, tap into the ether, meditate, exercise, relax, recharge and create the next chapter in my thrilling, exciting, adventure-fun-filled life!


I hope you love yours! 

Life is what you make of it! 

You feel as good as you CHOOSE to feel!

Much Love,


3 thoughts on “Ask and it is Given

  1. I remember a post Kt made when he said you have to read the books and do the things in the book. I realized that I was doing some of the processes but I wasn’t actually doing the things in the books. Also it’s hard to concentrate with that hot mermaid up there lol.

  2. In a manner of speaking, KT, the entire world now has the same opportunity to do as you do. With so many people, such as myself, out of work, and more time on our hands, we must take the opportunity to read, meditate, and better ourselves as you are teaching now. I, personally, am. This covid crap has taught me to spend time with my family, to cherish them, to value them more, to be there for them more, to read more, to meditate more and to be more at peace and ease.

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