The Self-Image

I recently held a seminar here on “How to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals”. Over 400 inmates participated in the 15-hour course. I told the students about one of my favorite books of all time…The Original Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz published in 1960 (NOT the “new updated version”, the ORIGINAL).

The book is the authority on SELF-image. Many of the men immediately bought the book and read it. Over 100 of the men that were reading the book have since been released.

Over the last few months, I have received so many unsolicited testimonials from both men who are still here at the camp, and those who finished their sentences and were released. These letters shared how changing their self-image as described in the book, made things happen in their lives that were almost miraculous. They said that the positive results were astonishing.

Several of these men are “positive” people who read many PMA (positive mental attitude) books and are familiar with the Law of Attraction. Most however were not familiar with “positive thinking” at all.

They all said that the “self-image”, was a missing key to success and worked “like magic”.

True. So true.

Probably 2 “missing ingredients” to all success are:

1.) self-image (few people have any idea how this powerful mechanism works and how to change your self-image so that you attract success like a magnet)

2.) letting go, surrendering, allowing, releasing your desire so that you get to a point where you feel good now and do not care about the outcome, getting to the point where you are free from “needing or wanting” any particular outcome”.

Many people use all the success basics (vision boards, writing down goals, focusing on a chief aim, positive self-talk, positive affirmations, defining your dream, getting a burning desire for its achievement, giving first, feeling good now, etc.) and STILL don’t attain their desires.

When that happens, upon analysis, it is almost always the above 2 components that are amiss.

I HIGHLY recommend reading this book. It is short, and an easy read. Read the book and DO the simple processes in it and see the results.

In The Science of Personal Mastery Course, there are Lessons with these processes and others on Self-Image. Those students who actually DID the processes in the Course have written some of the most powerful testimonials I have ever seen. The results you can expect to see in your life when you “correct” your self-image can be miraculous. For more information on the Science of Personal Mastery Course, send an email to support at

I look forward to hearing YOUR success story!

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