What Works

Since the early 70’s, I have tried hundreds of methods, systems and techniques that promised self- improvement, “total” success in every area of life, personal transformation, releasing psychic and superhuman mental ability, unleashing personal power, spiritual enlightenment, self-realization, inner peace and many more “promises”.

These include:

  • Hatha, Kundalini, Bikram, Kiyra and many other forms of yoga 
  • over 100 ways to meditate: chanting; mantras; affirmations; positive self-talk
  • drinking magic juices, teas or various potions 
  • spells; prayers; incantations; rituals
  • labyrinth; breathing fire 
  • electronic chaos eliminators
  • energetic rebalancing 
  • Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST)
  • speaking in tongues; being baptized in the Holy Spirit 
  • Gestalt Therapy; NLP; actualizations ; visualizations; vision boards; goal setting 
  • psychology; Jungian therapy; psychoanalysis 
  • Rolfing 
  • psychic readings; past life regression; rebirthing 
  • all kinds of exercise; rebounding 
  • colonics; fasting; mega vitamins; chelating; ozone therapy; oxygen therapy; hanging upside down; live cell therapy 
  • wearing physic jewelry; crystal and gem therapy; light and sound therapy; mineral therapy 
  • bio-feedback; 
  • classical homeopathy; the Dermatron, Vegatest and about 50 other magic energy machines 
  • kinesiology; Enneagrams; sacred geometry; Vastu; balancing the meridians; chakra cleansing and rebalancing; energy clearing 
  • Dianetics; Scientology; The Landmark Forum; EST; A Course in Miracles 
  • hormone balancing; cell salts; full body fat tissue cleansing; deep tissue releases work 
  • astral projections; vegetarianism; being a vegan; following about 70 different miracle “diets” that promised to release your inner potential 
  • Sweat Lodges; Shamans; Native American Cord cutting ceremony; Ancient dance therapy; medicine men
  • Chinese herbs; acupuncture; acupressure 
  • The Callahan Techniques; Thought Field Therapy; Emotional Freedom Technique; tapping 
  • Feldenkraise; cranial sacral therapy; follow a Guru; get Shakipat
  • moxicombustion; shiatsu; Thai Massage; acupressure 
  • feng shui; astrology; Indian astrology; Chinese astrology; numerology 
  • cold water showers; cryogenic therapy 
  • tribal chanting; yelling and punching therapy; primal screaming; drum therapy; punch pillows
  • write affirmations; burning fire ceremony; I ching; tarot
  • Gentle Wind Project; I ching systems energy rebalancing instruments (Mary Miller) 
  • Zen; Kung Fu; Chi Kung; Tai Chi; Reiki
  • pyramid power; negative ion generators; color therapy 
  • subliminal tapes; hypnosis; Eriksonian Hypnosis 
  • flower remedies; eat fermented stuff from all over the world; aromatherapy 
  • THOUSANDS of positive motivational books, audios, videos, seminars, workshops, lectures, retreats and “experiences”
  • Fire walking 
  • brain food and supplements; magnet therapy; Rifle Machines; vibration plates 
  • The Sedona Method; the Letting GO method 
  • go to holy places, shrines and meet holy men/women for blessings; bath in sacred waters; drink various kinds of blessed “magic water” 
  • aura cleanses; have a medium talk to your dead relatives; listen to a non-physical all-powerful entity speak through a channeler 
  • tantric sex; pranayama breathing; dozens of various breathing techniques 
  • Alphabiotics; chiropractic; and many many more!

Seriously, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What works? After all these years, and doing all this stuff, I can tell you this. Most of this stuff did not give me anything that I noticed or felt. That does not say that there were not benefits to them or that they do not “work”.

I mean that, at the time, I did not notice or feel any difference. Nothing  seemed to “happen”. And over the upcoming weeks and months I did not notice any significant change or improvement.

Some of these methods DID produce instant noticeable results and I still do those on a regular basis (such as fasting, colonics, BEST, Mary Millers I Ching Instruments, The Sedona Method, Tapping, etc).

But there are 4 methods listed above that stand alone. They produced MASSIVE and INSTANT results for me. Results that were SO powerful, so profound, and so lasting and life changing, nothing comes close.

I tested these 4 methods on other people over the years, and most, almost 80%, of the people I tested them on had the same or similar results that I did. Spectacular! Life changing.

In The Science of Personal Mastery Course and The Success Mastery Course offered through the Global Information Network (GIN), I have incorporated elements of those methods. This is why people are getting such great results from those Courses.

The main element incorporated in those Courses is not the information or the “knowledge”.

It is the “transfer of energy”.

This transfer of energy automatically “awakens” the dormant energy that is in each person. When one goes through the Courses this happens automatically.

This is known in the East as Shaktipat. It permanently changes you. You feel it. It clears everything within you from the inside out.

Much love

Your friend,


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