Different Roads

There are different roads to take in life. None is wrong. Most of you simply want more STUFF (money, all your bills paid, cars, material things, prestige etc)! There is nothing right or wrong about this choice. It is neither good nor bad. There is not a “better” choice…just different ones. Wanting material things, security, pleasurable experiences, good relationships, money, prestige, power, etc is a perfect choice for those who make that choice. 

However, you think you will be happy and content WHEN you get more “stuff”. You think you cannot be truly happy without “stuff”. But you will never get “enough” money, sex, food, pleasure, power, “stuff”, security, etc to satisfy you! And you think that if you seek joy/bliss/peace/harmony/serenity/happiness/contentment as a main focus, you will never get the “stuff”, and you will miss out on the “stuff” (because right now you really want the stuff!) and you think you will never be happy without the stuff. 

The fact is you can be, do, and have ANYTHING you want! So if you want “stuff”, AND you want to be happy, you CAN have both! If you JUST want joy/bliss etc you will STILL automatically have desires born every time you see your life experience and you will automatically choose a preference/make a choice of what you want or prefer, and a desire is born. A main block to you being happy and/or getting the “stuff” you want, is you look at other people and judge/criticize them and their choices/preferences. 

Focus on yourself. Accept others. Never judge them. Love them. Appreciate them. See the perfection in them. DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE THEM! If someone chooses NOT to want stuff, but instead wants to live a Spartan/simple life with little material/worldly possessions…allow them to live the life they want! 

That is why I say do not follow the path I have chosen. I have gone through almost all the levels of consciousness now. This is similar to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. My choices NOW are quite different than most of you. Not better, just different. But I have been where you are! Most of you simply want to be able to manifest your desires easier and faster…and ultimately feel good (at peace, happy, contentment, etc). 

I would suggest you consider the good emotions…peace, serenity, happiness, joy, bliss, ecstasy, exhilaration, contentment, having fun, laughing, smiling, security, comfort, pleasure, harmony, acceptance, wanted, loved, thankfulness, appreciation, terrific, fantastic, tremendous, amazing, magnificent, etc. Make a list of all these kinds of words. And then read each one and look up the definition. Feel the feeling of each one. 

This is a great exercise with amazing benefits. You will vibrate and feel so good! Which means you will be in a state where all your previous desires/wants can now come into your life! After you do this, THEN ask yourself “what do I desire/want”. You might find something interesting has happened! Enjoy the journey…and I will see you at the top!

Much love..


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