Everyone Has Different Dreams

Many people want/desire material things in their life, such as money and the things money can buy. There is nothing good or bad about any desire. One person’s desire is not better than someone else’s desire. Whatever YOU desire and makes you feel good on the inside is true to your nature and I encourage you to manifest it. In the process of attaining your desire/wish/want, you might change your mind and decide you no longer want to pursue that particular desire, as your desires can change as we change. If you are consistent with your wanting of your desire, and you ultimately, in time, attain your original desire, you may love it and feel great, or you may find that it did not give you the feeling you thought it would. Either way, you will then clarify what you NOW want and decide on a different/new desire…and the process continues.

All of you want/desire something. Most of you want/desire material things. Some of you want non-material things such as spiritual enlightenment or better relationships, or just a feeling of peace, bliss, inner joy, tranquility, serenity, contentment or harmony. Remember, there are no right and wrong desires and some desires are not better than others. All desires are the same in this regard. However, although the principles used to manifest apply to everything, the METHODS used to manifest/attain material things are slightly different than for manifesting nonmaterial things.

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You may say, “this list contains too many books. I will never have time to read them all.” Realize you do not have to read them all to make your dreams come true, you only have to read for at least 5-10 minutes a day…everyday…and within a very short period of time, if you focus on what you are reading and apply what you read, you WILL manifest your desires!

It is not about the number of books you read or how fast you read them. It is about APPLYING what you read! Remember the word of the Shaolin Monk to me, “I am not afraid of the 10,000 strikes you know that you practiced only once each, I am afraid of the 1 strike you know that you practiced 10,000 times!”

Which book should you read first? Whatever book you are drawn to read! And you may read more than one book at the same time. And, if you do not like the book…put it down and try another, go back to that book later, or never! Watch the magic happen in your life and your world!

See you all at the TOP!

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